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I have nothing against my destiny, I promise. I would explain my status as a Rebel, but... I can't. At least not yet.
Lance McChivalry

Lance McChivalry is a 2015 introduced all-around character. He is part of the fairy tale Prince Hal and the Giant as the next Prince Hal. Brave, kind hearted, and confident, Lance fits his destiny perfectly. Yet he is a Rebel for unknown reasons.




Lance is a very kind and considerate boy who has a courageous and confident spirit. Lance is very handy with a sword, and is a good horseback rider. Lance has a tendency to suffer from separation anxiety, a trait that he is very embarrassed about. At knight night he feels very lonely and depressed and has a hard time falling asleep. If Lance loves something, he is very protective of it, sometimes to protective. Lance has a special ability to talk to wolves, and wolves will let Lance ride on their backs as if they were horses. Lance is also a pretty talented singer.


Lance is about four inches above average height. He has tan skin, gray eyes, and strawberry blond hair that is cut short on the sides and long in the front. His outfits are a combination of a prince, a knight, and a nature lover. He always carries a sword at his side. His usual color scheme is sky blue, royal blue, silver, and a few green accents.

Fairy Tale

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Lance is the child of Prince Hal and the princess he rescued. He is an only child, although he wishes he had a younger brother to watch over or a little sister to protect. His many cousins make up for his lack of siblings, the children of Prince Hal's six brothers.


Candor Wolf

Lance became fast friends with his roommate, Candor Wolf. Since they met they have gotten along very well together.

Lucy Twinkler



Lance has a dog named Wind that follows him everywhere, unless he is told to stay. Wind is a medium sized mutt with light brown fur and a dark brown spot over his left eye. His eyes are a gorgeous blue.




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*His name was created by the wonderful WootdorfFilmCo.

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