Larry Esel
Larry revamp
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Parent Story De adventures of Pinocchio :O
Alignment Royals Icon-Royal
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The Diary of Larry Esel. 


Deer Dairy, 

I have just gotten you, and i decided i will name you Jen. So Jen, my name is Larry Esel. I have a hot girlfriend named Rouge Deerling and I am too fabulous. I wonder why Rouge doesnt let me kiss her anymore. I guess she cant handle my smexi lips. *smooch* She has so much hair *w* I love stroking her fur and stuff. Luckily Rouge cant look in this >w> 

I dream of having little babies with her and naming them Butterscotch, Fabio, Pudding, Bon Qui Qui, and Sha Neigh Neigh. Yes. And Pudding will be the surpreme overlord of the universe with a mighty paw. Because he has the symbol of the Moon Kingdom and can go super saiyan. 

Well. Here is enough of the future. I shall go overfeed Rouge now with Autumn Thief. See you later, Jen. 

-Larry the fab

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