Improvises and you'll score some goals

Hello, guys! I'm LightRubiCounselor, but please call me LR, Rubi, Light, as you feel comfortable. I love anime (Amnesia being my favorite), writing stories and generally being addicted to music. Of course, I love Ever After High too! I also love this: ;). Wink is my favorite emote and and I use it most of the time.

Don't edit this page or I WILL EAT YOU, I'M NOT KIDDING I WILL

About Me 

Birthday: September 11th! Get me a present or you'll see ;)

Star Sign: Virgo,  ;P

Side: I'm Rebel ;D make your own destiny commands

Fairytale Parent: I'm the Author. I write them, sometimes sleep with them

Parent's Story: I'm the daughter of an American dad and a Latin mom, but I live with my mother

Roommate: I don't have one and I don't want one.

Secret Heart's Desire: I have so many! Right now, I want to go to Italy to see my grandfather.

My "Magic" Touch: If you have a cause that is lost, call me and will come out

Storybook Romance Status: Er... Skip.

"Oh Curses!" Moment: I am a joker with teachers, but it took well with the director, she is a friend for unusual sounds.

Favorite Subject: It's totally Languages. English, French, Italian and obviously Spanish. I am an amateur to learn any number of languages.

Least Favorite Subject: M-A-T-H

Favorite Food: PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA. I LOVE pizza, it's my kryptonite.

Best Friends Forever After: Headmistress, Nyx, JT, El, Scythe, well I met very interesting people on this page, name them one by one would be very long.

Theme Song: YES :3 Blank Space (2014) is my theme song.


My Characters 

My babys literally, they cost me so much that I consider them as such

Magi Smierc daughter of Godfather Death

Alxube Sept  son of Maid Maleen

Hailey M. Stag daughter of The Enchanted Stag

Florian Oiseau son of The Blue Bird

Cirak Ilk son of The First Apprentice from The Three Apprentices

Novac Antra son of The Second Apprentice from The Three Apprentices

Xanthippi Ophioni daughter of The Prince from The Seven-Headed Serpent

Alakdan Gurun son of The Scorpion from The Scorpion and The Frog

Gari Sweetspice daughter of Mother Ginger from The Nutcracker

Drayce Emberscale son of The Dragon form The Prince and The Dragon

Sevenine Dancer daughter of The Seventh Dancing Princess from The Twelve Dancing Princesses, co-owned with Lilygem

Grisma Oberos-Smierc daughter of The King Oberon from A Midsummer Night's Dream (Kingsley Oberos) and The Godmother Death (Magi Smierc), co-owned with Cookie, she's a next-generation OC

Jeco Sept son of Maid Maleen (Alxube Sept) and an unknown mother, he's a next-generation OC

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