Cupid asked for me if she could get matches.I told her my match kit was with my mother.

I deffo need to sign that storybook.It costs thousands! Or even millions!

Trying pink wedges in the Glass Slipper.It looks cool! I asked Ashlynn if it was Hextastic.

My first lesson in Science and Sorcery was hard.It chills my bones.

Ordered a Mocha Latte for myself.It smells like frogs.

Lizzie cut the bush(I think) on my salmon with broccoli!Gotta ask Baba Yaga bout' that.

Got a fresh clean haircut with red and white streaks.Gotta show to Poppy!

Ever After High is deffo a spellbinding place!

Met Hunter lonely after Crownculus class-ic.Wonder what happened to him.

Where can I buy lip gloss?! I can't find it anywhere! Anyway,the boutique in Book End sounds spellbinding.

Bought a red gown and a mask for something important...

I'm nervous!Can I ask Cupid to help me on my crush?

It's official! I'm going on a date with Beau Beast!So hexcited!

Now I hate Roybels after Berna or Bernadette became my roommate!!! Ugh!!!

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