Writing, writing and more writing.... Chapter 1

My chemistry teacher left us an long,long,long,science experiment to study.I wish I could dance like minute dancer, one of my friends.I started to think why my father gave me this "destiny ".I know that fary tales do not have to be written by me. Cerise Hood wrote a spellbinding story.i was jealous of cerises hand writing.any way, while I was walking to my locker, I noticed a poster that said: the dance of the year! everyones invited.DATE: in 2 days. TIME: 6:00-12:00 punctual !!!! I started thinking who would ask me to be their date?who could invite me?My crush,I accedently said out loud.Faybelle heard, so she said"Lilly?You and Whoever you were thinking?"NOT" she said loud and clear.

the person

I walked to my dorm.My roommate was not there.I cried for over 15 minutes.I wanted a destiny.So I stopped being a royal and turned to the rebel side.The next day,was bright.It was Saturday.Cupid was always avable on Sundays.So I called to her from my dorm,that way,no one would know that the caller was me."h..ello.Im calling to you because I'm worried that no one will ask me to the dance".Cupid told me that if I do not get asked, your friends will always be by my side.

The dance

The day of the dance, everyone was getting fairest.I did not get someone to invite me to the dance.So I decided to go with Cupid,and she told me she had a crush on Dexter Charming.She also gave me extra advice."Maibie your crush will ask you to a better dance sometime"she said.And she was right.That moment was worth waiting for.

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