True Hearts Day? I wonder who I should give my heart to.

I have got to find a new place to hide my QueenVogue magazine. It's not exactly the kind of thing a wicked witch is supposed to read.

I could really use a new study buddy. I don't want to be a wicked pain, but sometales just don't know when to be serious.

It's all over the Mirror Net. Raven Queen rebelled? That's a bombspell I did not see coming. I hope she and Apple don't... "poof".

There have been some strange fables spreading around about Raven Queen lately. I'm sure that's all they are though. Who wouldn't want to pledge their destiny?

Good news? Headmaster Grimm found a roommate for me! Bad news? I don't think there'll be enough space for all my new woodland friends (don't tell anyone about them, 'kay?). There were some perks in being alone, I guess.

Total fairy fail in Che-myth-stry this morning... and it's only the first day.

New room is... charming? A little tender loving magic should make it glow again.

Since I'm a first-year, I wonder what classes I should take. Maybe Muse-ic or Beast Training and Care? I'm royally excited for this year to begin!

I should probably hex out the Village of Book End on the way to school.

I wonder why Headmaster Grimm insisted on Hyacinth and I attending Ever After High... I hope Laburnum isn't behind in school.

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