Ugh Boys can be jerks when they are trying to act cool. Today's example Sparrow Hood kicking me out of his band and the Merry Men.... Anyone need a drummer?

Beast Training class-ic just got a whole lot more interesting. Possible new friend alert. Ever heard of fighting Shadows?

Hocus-Latte and a new hero-friend here I come... Looks like this drummer maiden just found a happy tune to play.

Embarrassing moment between new friends... it seems we've both have a lot to learn about flirting. Will this be a funny story we look fondly back on or our plot twist?

Having fun teasing a hero that might prefer a heroine over a damsel-in-distress. I wonder how long the game will last before a challenge arises?

Going on an Adventure with a hero friend. We're going to kick Shadow butt. I'll enchant you with details later ^_^

Just took down a horde of monsters with Scythe... Someone knows how to show a girl a great time.

Great day in the woods... I got into a fight and now I am going to listen to Into the Woods until I annoy my roommate as my victory party. Because I beat Scythe in a fight!

Angel of the Arrow? I might start using that as my IM name from now on it's kinda cute. Thanks Scythe for coming up with it.

My temper got the best of me again... now I have to go shopping because I accepted a challenge I have nothing to wear for...

Well swimming challenge almost turned out well... Unfortunately my new swimsuit didn't have any place to keep a weapon once I took off the sandals... I was a damsel.... Worse Morning Ever After!

Heading to Nottingham with a boy that isn't in my story... Sounds like a climaxed disaster. Should be fun if by the time the well stops working at sunset if the bloody thing works to begin with.

Castle-party... I'm dressed like a maiden and have a moment with a hero... Sometimes being a girl is better than being a hero... unless you can be both then be both ^_^

Looks like this drummer girl found a hexcellent new band to play in... We only need a few more members and we will be playing the Muse-ic Festival. Hext-message our band page if you are interest.

Has everyone hear about The Muse-ic Festive!?! Well this hero-girl has tickets. I wonder if the Narrators are going to be there?

It seems that I can turn invisible now because my new band couldn't see me playing on my drums... I wish they were a few more guys in the band... I don't know how to act around girls fairy well

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