I see a white rabbit running around a lot, i fall down the rabbit hole ever time i go to sleep. girl I am alice.
Courtney being weird
I am a wolf in sheep clothing. I seem nice to many but i am crazy. I think my bf calls me a dom i think...
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Lolthie (once wonderlandishhipster) Courtney is a hyper 25 (going on 26) year-old known to act more a kid than her own ago. She lives in the southern USA in a state known as red neck land:D. no, she lives in Ga. She loves making OCS for her fave fairytales:3 and will make them as long as she can.


About Me

Name: Courtney V(the game is to guess my last nameXD have fun)



Nationality: American

Ethnicity:White owo like uk and france and whatever kind of white

Interests: Ever After High, Monster High, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, anime, roleplaying, cosplay, dolls, animles, cooking, Olympic sports-like fencing, and archery.)music drawing. furrys, Fairys 

Favorite Characters [in Ever After High]:Maddie Hatter, Raven Queen. Faybelle Thorn, Lizzie Hearts, for the guys ummmmmmm Dexter a bite:D


Courtney has a very insane mind many believe she might be a bit unstable. other then that she a very nice person who loves making friends. She says in rl she is shy in front of people she doesn't know.

But online she is either known a Axel Fang- a rp character on imvu or WonderlandishHipster or Live wing where her true side can be seen as hyper to a tee.

It is clear from her characters she has some family issues. being abandoned by her father at 8 to basically start a new family and just recently in the last 3 years starting a new .


Courtney has dark brown hair owo and pale skin thats all you need to know.

My Characters



  • Icon-Rebel Axel Wolf Son of a bad wolf from eveything with a wolf in it. 
  • Icon-Rebel Vadim Rothbart son of Von Rothbart from Swane Lake
  • Icon-Rebel  Fiddel Dum - son of Tweedledum from Alice in Wonderland


  • Icon-Roybel Alexandra Wonderland daugter of Alice Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland


Fan Fics

Nona yet

My Ships 

Axel_Wolf and Minnutes Dancer - This is a very old ship and I'm trying to see if her owner is still active and if not if i can have her.


I love sushie

I am Pansexaul

I wear alot of hipster/ punkie clothes.

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