Lynda is very moody. She never opens up to anybody, except for Aster, of course. She frowns quite often and is generally very angry. Her 'friends' are terrified of her.


Lynda is lightly tanned. She wears heavy makeup including a red lip and pink eyeshadow, mirroring Angelina's, but heavier. Unlike most students at Ever After, Lyndaline's hair is relatively normal. It is naturally blond, but she streaks it with hot pink in an attempt to look like her fellow students. Her hair is tied up in a long braid.

Fairy Tale – The Angel

Fairy Tale 

When the tale opens, a child has died, and an angel is escorting him to Heaven. They wander over the earth for a while, visiting well-known places. Along the way they gather flowers to transplant into the gardens of Heaven. The angel takes the child to a poverty-stricken area where a dead field lily lies in a trash heap. The angel salvages the flower explaining that it had cheered a crippled boy before he died. The angel then reveals he was the boy, and the boy continued his journey. Lynda is that child.


According to Lynn, her father (the Angel) is fond of the name Lynn. Her mother liked the name Lyndaline, and they named her that.



Lynda has a mother and a father. Her cousin and roommate is Angelina Angel.


Lynda currently does not have any BFFAs (most likely due to her nasty attitude). She just moved from Ever After Academy to Ever After High.


She has a small pet dragon, Lyon de Marseilles. (He's French!)


She LOVES Aster Yarrow, but he doesn't return her affections and has rejected her multiple times.


She has plenty of enemies. Coming soon!


Basic Signature-Royal: Lyndaline's outfit is entirely her own separate to her story. Her color scheme is white, purple, and hints of blue. She sports white gloves and a bow headband. Her dress is akin to a 50's style almost: a sleeveless turtleneck dress that is a purple-blue ombre with a black collar. Her shoes are a light blue.

Trivia Edit

  • She was teased and bullied at Ever After Academy.
  • She secretly hates Angelina Angel.
  • Lyndaline and Angelina have a very long rivalry darting back to Princess School, where Lyndaline was a big bully to Angelina.
  • She is technically royalty, being and Honorary Countess of Heaven.
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