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Madness and Other Allegries is a fanfiction written by iEatIdiots. It is a MLP crossover with EAH starring Pinkie Pie and Maddie Hatter.


  • Maddie Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter. 
  • Pinkie Pie, a pink party earth pony.
  • Miss Author, a nameless narrator who doesn't think herself as a narrator.
  • Male narrator. It is inferred that he is married to the Female Narrator.
  • Female narrator. The two bicker like a married couple "because [they] are one".

Where can I find this?




The story starts with Maddie Hatter in school, restless and doing nothing in particular. Then, it cuts to a shot of Pinkie Pie, also restless, and going nowhere in particular. 

However, when someone does or goes nothing or nowhere in particular, things happen. That is how the two arrive past the fourth wall, nicknamed the "non-fictionsphere". The author starts to talk about a secret Fellowship, before she is cut off by the two narrators, who bicker for a bit.

Maddie and Pinkie discuss how annoying narrators can get when they argue. 

Finally, Maddie suggests to destroy the fourth wall so they pull out weapons and destroy it.

Funny times, indeed. 


  • The title of the fic is taken from a song by the Opshop, Madness and Other Allergies.
  • Many fans of both franchaises have compared Pinkie Pie to Maddie Hatter, which gave Zena the idea of this fic.
  • Zena ships Male Narrator/Female Narrator.
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