"I'm Marie-Belle de Winter. Marie for short. It means 'bitter' in French. They added 'Belle' to my name, meaning 'beautiful' en francais, but I prefer Marie. Pourquoi? Because 'Belle' doesn't fit me. Why would it? Whatever after they call me, I'll still be the same bitter Marie. What's the point in having a name that you don't live up to? Anyway, this is my mirror blog."

Mirror Blog

Je m'appelle Marie de Winter. I came to Ever After High, on my most challenging mission yet. To be... Normal.

Apparently, around here, pointing a sword at someone is not permitted.

I just saw the children of D'Artagnan, Aramis, Porthos, and worst of all, Athos. Hope they don't find me here. Their parents still must angered by the terrible deeds my mother has committed against them.

I miss France...

I'm being paranoid for thinking the future musketeers will hate me for what my mother has done? C'est impossible! Raven Queen is a nice girl, but everyone hates her because of who her mother is.

I chose Creative Writing for one of my classes. Unfortunately, I'm stuck in battle training with the musketeers.

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