Marie-Claire de Tréville @la_dame_a_lepee
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Parent Story The Three Musketeers
Alignment Icon-Royal Royal
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Well... Finally I arrived at Ever After High. Bonjour, I guess.

Hey there ! You know what ? I created my own swordfighting club ! Don't hesitate to apply if you're interested ! Je vous attends !

You know what ? I'm really not used to English (#useanonlinetraductorforforhermirrorblog)

First Arts and Crafts class ! Mon Dieu. It's so... not for me.

Today's my lil Charlie's birthday ! Bon anniversaire ma chérie !

Still nobody for the Club ?

Hey guys ! Anyone can help me for my Maths homework ? Too much English... Too much numbers... Aidez-moiiiii !

Guess whose bday it is ? Guess ? It's MY BIRTHDAYYYY !! Papa and Maman sent me some little cute presents and my gf Carol gave me a super gift ! Love you all guys ^^

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