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It's a beautiful day! A beautiful daaaaaay!
Marigold loves singing.
Marigold Goose is a 2015-introduced fiction-only character. She is Gracie Goose's six-year-old sister. Marigold wishes to have a story she is destined to play a part in, but her sister got their mother's story, Gracie being the oldest. Marigold feels a little bitter about this, but she still loves Gracie through and through, and she doesn't think about it that much anyway. She is only six years old, after all.





Marigold is sweet, quirky, lovable, and a little ditsy. She is a tad bit spoiled, being the only child in the castle while Gracie is at Ever After High. She only has to say "Pretty please," and she'll have anything she wants. This may become a problem when she's older.

Marigold has a very large and wild imagination. Sometimes you will find her talking to herself in a strange language of squeaks. She loves animals but doesn't always know how to correctly treat them, scaring them away. 


Marigold is flat-out adorable. She has shoulder length golden hair with lighter blond natural highlights. Her skin is a very fair peach and she has rosy cheeks. Her eyes are big and blue, with long brown eyelashes. Her height reaches to Gracie's waist.

Fairy Tale

Marigold's mother is the princess from The Goose Girl, although she doesn't get the destiny.



Marigold is the daughter of the princess from The Goose Girl and her prince. Her older sister is Gracie Goose. She gets along very well with her whole family, she loves them and they love her.


Marigold practically gets along with everybody. Her best friends are her sister and a prince from a neighboring kingdom.


Marigold has a gosling named Princess. (The favorite name for little girls) Marigold wishes that Fair Mane, Gracie's horse, belonged to her.


She is waaaaay too young for romance of any kind.



Marigold's favorite outfit is a mismatched girly dress. It used to be a pretty white blouse and a blue skirt until Marigold had it "improvised." The bodice is a white short-sleeved top with poufy sleeves and buttons down the middle. Over this is a sweetheart neckline strapless purple top with a pink fabric flower in the center of the neckline.The skirt is sky blue with a pink lace under layer. On top of the skirt is an overlay that covers half of the skirt. It is lavender in color with pink flowers. The top and the skirt have been sewn together to make the whole thing a dress. (What little girl doesn't love dresses?) Marigold wears long white stockings and pink flats. Her accessories include a silver tiara, a pink flower ring, a purple hair tie on her wrist, and a blue charm bracelet.



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