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Real girls aren't perfect... but I'm not a real girl

Princess Marissa Elizabeth "Rissa/Mars" Stahlbaum is a 2016-introduced and all-around character. She is the daughter of Marie Stahlbaum and her high school sweetheart, Xavier Drosselmeyer (Drosselmeyer's Nephew), the heroine and romantic interest of the story of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. A rebel at heart but not wanting to pick a side, she has chosen to be a Roybel, as she is a peacemaker at heart. Marissa doesn't want to resort to choosing a side but soon enough.. she might have to.



Really needs to be rewritten so TBA, but here's a list of traits for rn:

  • sassy doll is very sassy
  • calculated, makes her moves based on her partners actions before her
    • a habit picked up from playing hours of chess with her step-dad
  • peacemaker at heart, if people are fighting you know she'll try and break it up with a comprimise
  • spoiled princess girl
  • when made friends with she is the most loyal, kind, and cheerful btichiest best friend you will have
    • legit refuses any type of sunshin thrown her way unless if its her boyfriend or her nutcracker (who she calls princess, mind you they are not dating)
  • flirty
  • can't refuse a challenge
  • anger-issues
  • insecurities (why do i do this to my child)

Hobbies and Interests

If there is one thing in this world that Marissa loves more than her friends, it’s coffee. She’s a self-proclaimed coffee hexpert, having tried different coffees from all over the world and secretly running a second blog on the mirror-blog network reviewing coffees from each coffee shop in Ever After. Currently, Marissa’s staple coffee is a cotton candy frappuccino from Starbucks.

Another thing Marissa secretly likes? Sweets and desserts! From cake to macaroons to chocolate croissants, Marissa loves it all. Of course, since she loves it so much Marissa has decided to try out baking, and so far it’s going not well super well!!

When she was younger, Marissa thought that she was destined for Clara from The Nutcracker ballet as well, so she decided to take up dancing to make sure that she didn’t make a fool of herself. When Marilyn told Marissa that she wasn’t destined for Clara as well, Marissa had fallen too in love with dance to stop. On a travelling dance team, Marissa is having the time of her life. Her favorite genre of dance? Jazz, of course!

Due to her father’s pressuring, Marissa decided to take up violin when she was 8. Currently, Marissa has not stopped taking violin lessons due to her father being more happy when she does play violin. Marissa does however want to start learning piano, but we’ll see about that.


Human Form

Marissa is a cute little potato. Standing at the height of 5’1, Marissa is short af. She might be even shorter than Maddie, but we don’t know her exact height (or do we? ;)). The only reason why she is this short is because in the fairytale, her role (Marie) is supposed to be eight years old. As she is eight years older than she is supposed to be, she got taller than she needed too. Over the years though, she grows one inch each year. This means that during senior year, Marissa is going to be 5’4. This is her owner's actual height, not lying.

Marissa’s eyes are a nice light blue, sort of looking like ice. Like if you take Zoe Snugg’s eyes and brighten them by one shade, that would be Marissa’s eye color. If she get’s pissed off and/or annoyed by you, they do get darker. Like, a lot darker. If you look up and see the night sky and how dark blue that is, that is Marissa’s eye color when she get’s mad.

Marissa’s skin is pale, almost sickly, to represent a porcelain doll. Since she was born almost a doll, Marissa does have a few cracks in her skin acting as birthmarks. Marissa usually keeps good care of her skin, but thanks to her almost being born a doll (yes that is my excuse) she is not prone to acne. In fact, people besides Marissa’s parents and older sister have never seen Marissa with acne.

Marissa’s hair is thick, brunette and uncontrollable. In her fifth grade year, she started to form royal blue highlights in her hair. These have fully developed by the time she arrives at Ever After High. During the middle of sophomore year though, she has also started developing pastel pink highlights, making her hair multi-colored and very fun. Marissa also had her hair grown out after her father let her go the week after Legacy Day. By the start of senior year, her hair is near her ankles. She typically likes to curl it, but tries to avoid using heat, as she knows that damages hair. Also, Marissa’s OCD mentioned in her personality? That definitely comes into play with her fly aways. She always has to have her hair slicked back and looking perfect. So Marissa always uses hairspray and sprays some on her hands to slick them back.

Marissa doesn’t really have a set color scheme, but the colors she wears the most are royal blue, pastel blue, pastel pink, white and black.




How does Marissa fit into it?

The Stahlbaum family is one of the influential families in Ever After, not only being a fairytale family but also running the biggest chain of toy stores in Ever After. With riches and a seemingly perfect life, the Stahlbaum family has a reputation that is seemingly perfect. Located in the small town of Bookend, the Stahlbaum’s are a great family. With Marissa being the first born Marie into the family, a lot of pressure is being set on her to make sure that her legacy doesn’t turn out like some other first legacies did. Marissa is-well, was-determined to make sure it didn’t happen to her. However, now with the choice of being able to choose a destiny, Marissa isn’t sure what she wants to do anymore.


Artwork Outfit
Rissa Wave 2

Signature - Roybels

This outfit makes Marissa more.. Marissa-likish in a way of sorts. Marissa wears a light pink peasant blouse with puff sleeves going to her mid-arm (not the elbow but above it) with little light blue thin ribbons tying around the end of the sleeve. In the middle of the blouse is white, translucent lace surrounded by light pink linen letting the girl/boy look at her light blue camisole. Marissa wears a mid-thigh length light pink bubble skirt with a light blue thick ribbon tying as a bow at the back and going around her waist, acting as a belt. Marissa wears light pink flats with a little white bow on the tip of the toe. Marissa wears her hair up in a center, middle ponytail curled and held by a translucent pink ribbon. Marissa wears very neutral eyeshadow (except for a sweep of royal blue eyeshadow under her eyes) with a wing of thick eyeliner with some false lashes and mascara. Marissa wears a light pink blush and has REALLY red lips.

Legacy Day

Marissa wears light pink high-low (the low part stops at her knees and the high part stops at mid-thigh) dress with a light blue ribbon tied around her waist, light blue sheer leggings, light pink wedged boots with light blue bows at the end of her feet, a light blue cape with the hood (outlined with white fur) up with `a pink ribbon tied in a bow on her neck holding it on her,  Her hair is in a Half-up half-down do; the half up part held up by a light blue ribbon with pink edges. Marissa's makeup focuses on her eyes which is a dark blue smokey eye with curled and mascara-ed (?) eyelashes. Marissa's cheeks are covered with a light pink blush and her lips are fire-engine red.

Getting Fairest


For getting her fairest for parties or just going to bed, Marissa wears A nightgown-esq dress that is light pink and that stops at mid-thigh with a light blue teddy bear holding a wrapped present pattern with a royal blue robe with trimmed with light pink silk. For shoes she wears normal, light pink slippers that you would wear around the house for your feet to stay comfy. For her hair to stay out of the way since it is down, she has tied a light blue thin ribbon to stay out of her face.


Wave 2

Marissa wears a crochet spaghetti-strap off-the-shoulder cropped blouse that's pink. Her bottoms are actually overalls with shorts. The overalls are navy blue military-inspired shorts, going until her underbust. The shorts feature rose-gold bow buttons in two columns going up the overalls. For shoes, Marissa wears pink wedged booties that lace-up with the laces ending with white pom-poms. For her purse Marissa carries around a pink clutch with a blue bow on the front. Her earrings are the same as last year, as well as her bracelet. Marissa's hair is back in their signature pigtails this year, but now the length has grown, going near her ankles. The pigtails are pulled up in high pigtails near the back of her head.

A creepy rissa

Doll One Off- Creepy Doll

Marissa wears a black eyepatch over her right eye, as well as wears a linen white nightgown with a creamish-pink kimono with bow patterns everywhere and some wedged whitish-blue boots with white fur inside. Her hair is in two braided pigtails being held by white ribbons and instead of having royal blue highlights, she just has normal brown hair. Marissa now has a few cracks on her face and elsewhere as well. Her skin is so pale that she looks dead and her eyes are now red.Her makeup is red eyeshadow around her eyepatched eye, looking like blood is dripping out of it. Her red lips have turned black and her red eye had very thick mascara on it.

Garden Party

Marissa wears a sheer lace pink mid-sleeved dress with light pink tulle under. The bodice has eyelet designs while the skirt has a light blue floral print on it. Marissa's shoes are white barefoot sandals with three light pink bows going down to her toes. She also wears translucent white fingerless, wrist-length gloves. Rissa's hair is in a braid crown, tied with a light blue ribbon at the bottom.

Parent's Ball

Marissa wears a light pink thick ribbon around her neck. Her dress is a formal royal blue minidress with a sweetheart neckline. The bodice has a detailing of light pink lace while the skirt portion flares out to her knees in a sea of black tulle under a glitter royal blue skirt. Finally she wears a pair of royal blue suede peep-toe wedges. Marissa's hair is in curled low pigtails held by dark blue ribbons with a silver tiara with a sunburst design and a light blue lace agate gem in the center resting on top of her head.


Mr. Marbelieze's Mutants and Monstrosities Carnival and Freak Show


Rissa doyd

Dance of Your Dreams


School Life

Class Schedule

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st Period Kingdom Management Princessology Free Honors Biografairy Throne Economics Honors
2nd Period Princessology Classic Literature Honors Honors Biografairy Throne Economics Honors Kingdom Management
3rd Period Classic Literature Honors FREE Throne Economics Honors Kingdom Management Princessology
4th Period Honors Biografairy Throne Economics Honors Kingdom Management FREE Classic Literature Honors
5th Period FREE Kingdom Management Princessology Classic Literature Honors FREE



Marilyn Stahlbaum (Mother)

Marissa’s relationship with her mother has always been smooth-sailing. From when she was younger to now that’s she’s almost an adult, Marilyn has always been the person Marissa goes to if she needs advice or if she needs a pick-me-up. Marissa calls her mom one of her best friends, and she means it.

Xavier Drosselmeyer (Father)

Her father however? That’s a different story. Xavier and Marissa aren’t on the greatest of terms. With Marissa finding her father to be the person she most hates, it’s easy to see that Marissa’s innocence has been damaged by Xavier, something she isn’t too keen of. However, it has been getting better, with Xavier trying to make up for his mistakes by any means possible. Does this mean Marissa will forgive him anytime soon for the things he’s done to her and Marilyn? No, no she will probably will not.

Samuel Blacksmith (Step-father)

Samuel Blacksmith is the best father Marissa could have asked for after the horror that was her first father. With all due respect, Samuel is the CEO of a massive toy company and yet he still finds time to spend with his family, a feat that is hard to maintain. Samuel and Marissa, while not always seeing each other, always like to play a game of chess once and a while.

Emma Grimm (Older Sister)

Emma and Marissa aren’t that close, but are not on bad terms either. Playful and silly, these two siblings are always there for each other no matter what.

Philip Grimm (Brother-in-law)

Philip and Marissa haven’t officially met yet, since Marissa had gotten kicked out of Emma and Philip’s wedding, but she hopes she did not ruin the wedding for them.

Frank Blacksmith (Younger Brother)

Frank is the epitome of the annoying younger brother. Always stealing her phone and making her furious, Frank is an ultimate prankster with a big heart. No matter how infuriating he might be, Marissa is always there for him no matter what the cost.

Klara Drosselmeyer (Half-sister)

Oh, Klara. Klara, Klara, Klara. This sisterhood has been rocky from the beginning, with neither side knowing the other existed until Klara started at EAH during the middle of Marissa’s second year. Both sassy with a heart of gold, it was initially a rivalry until recently. Now, both sides share a secret hope that the other will succeed no matter what the cost their petty asses won’t let the other know though.


Min Lexwington


Angie Patchwork


Dawn Mayfairy

The upholder to the Nutcracker legacy and the upholder to the Marie legacy. Why would they not be friends. Opposite as day and night, this heroine duo somehow manage to make it work. With Dawn’s positivity and Marissa’s quick-wit, it’s no wonder these two are best friends but Dawn might want to be something more just saying.


Knussnacker, often referred to as Knuss, is Marissa’s white munchkin cat. With a sweet attitude and a love for cuddling, Knuss is often there for Marissa as a therapist and as a cuddle partner. Also, there may be sparks with a certain dog.


Makonnen King and Marissa, otherwise known as “Makossa” to the student body, are the cutest couple people never thought would happen. Initially dating him out of rebellion, Marissa started to fall in love with the villain soon after they got together. With playful names such as “Princess” and “Love”, Makonnen tries his best to make Marissa happy, and he really does.


Charlie Djurisk


Maksim Sorcerer

Marissa is done with everything and everyone to do with Maksim Sorcerer. The guy’s creepy, he won’t leave her alone (after she’s requested multiple times), and he’s told Marissa something big is going to happen. Maks won’t tell what though, however Marissa is really hoping she doesn’t have to do something to stop it.


Little girls can be naughty girls you know!
Dolls can be boring sometimes, and you can't sleep with them!
Look, I'm not saying that we should not throw away our stories, just maybe take a break from them!
Make sure not to get on my naughty side, witches *giggle*
Marissa acting like the cute devil she is
Headmaster Grimm number one is just playing all of us... like we're dolls!
Marissa's old head quote
Monsters are real, and ghosts are too. Sometimes they live inside of us, and sometimes, they win.
A quote that Rose found on Pinterest that she thought was childish but sad enough for Marissa's broken heart </3
To you I was merely a monster, and in the end... that's ALL I ever was.
I'm sick of crying, let's do this!
Dragon Games anyone?
You know the worst part of being a total jerk? People never ask if you're okay.
If someone threatened you, don't say 'not me!'. Instead Dawn, say 'TRY ME!'
Saving the people you love isn't a choice! IT ISN'T EVEN A CHOICE ATHARAAN! I LOVE HER AND WE HAVE TO SAVE HER!
We all have two sides you know. There's the side you let people see and then the other? You don't let them.
I could be your doll, valentine!
Valentine's Day 2k17


  • Marissa's birthday is on March 3rd
    • This is because of Hinamatsuri, otherwise known as Doll's Day or Girl's Day
    • This makes her a pisces
    • Her gemstone is a Blue Lace Agate
  • Marissa is the treasurer of the Royal Student Council (RSA)
  • Marissa's gift for homecoming was a first aid kit to repair her arm when she falls into the grandfather clock.
  • Marissa prefers the word "naughty" to "bad"
    • This is due to the fact that her fairytale takes place during Christmas time.
  • If your looking for Marissa, you can either find her in her dorm or Bookend if it's a weekend. You can find her in the Royal's study lounge during the school week.
  • Marissa is a ENFJ
    • The official title for this is "The Commander"
  • Marissa is a Slytherin
  • Marissa has social media profiles on almost everything using the username @porcelainprincess
  • Marissa calls her biological parents "Father" and "Mommy"
  • Marissa is the first Marie of the family since the class 1868, as she is the second-born and a girl (which is a rare case for a protagonist to be)
  • Marissa's middle name, Elizabeth, was revealed in the first draft of her diary. 
  • In a Destiny Swap AU, Marissa's role would be swapped with Atharaan Angel.
    • Her regular outfit would consist of a white sundress and yellow ribbons in her hair rather than pink.
    • The yellow ribbons are significant due to her death that she thinks she will have, suicide.


Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood

It's too cold for you here

Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds

I'm gonna pop your bubblegum heart

Fools by Troye Sivan

I am tired of this place, I hope people change

How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds

Wear your heart on your cheek. But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat

Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez

Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces

Car Radio by twenty one pilots

I hate this car that I'm driving, there is no hiding for me

Cigarette Daydreams by Cage The Elephant

So sweet with a mean streak

Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine

Happiness hit her, like a train on a track

1965 by Zella Day

You're a beauty baby child

Saturday Nights by Khalid

But daddy's gone, say he's never home / And wishing only makes it worse

Vertigo by Khalid

I wish living life was easy / But mine has been a mess

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