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Maryritai, also going by the alias Demonic-Angel and DA, is a person in the Ever After High Fandom who is also a part of the MH fandom and the MLP:FiM fandom as well as numerous others. She's 15 years old, is an artist and a writer and enjoys eating cheeseburgers and mac n cheese. She does swimming  and is now-has-quit martial artist, specializing in taekwondo. Her BFFA is Zena Amicus but she is friends with the admins and has a tight-knight group of close friends.

Her favourite colours are silver and purple and she's as straight as a straight line but she supports LGBT as well as other sexual orientation and gender preference rights, such as asexuality, genderfluid, transgender and genderqueer. She is also cisgendered.

Original Characters

Lynn Macloch - Female - Royal - From the Light Princess

Hansraj Young - Male - Royal - From the Magic Swan

Gwendolyn Ring - Female - Royal - From Prince Ring

Rouen Mallard - Male - Rebel - From The Ugly Duckling

Zephyr Flight - Male - Rebel - From Eagle's Flight

Ishara Troll - Female - Rebel - From East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Francesca Mercurio - Female - Neutral - From Commedia dell'Arte

Kanara Verdad - Female - Royal - From the Bird of Truth

Eira Frost - Female - Royal - From Father Frost

Miriam Fell - Female - Neutral - From Mary's Child/Our Lady's Child

Vasilisa Ved'ma - Female - Neutral - From the Witch

Yuki Chichi - Male - Royal - From Father Frost



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Furaffinity (I don't use this often): demonicangel

Email(s): OR

AIM: (I think) Maryritai