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I paint smiles on faces, all but my own. Scary isn’t it?

Michelle-Jaina Porpentina Asteria or MJ (she/her) is the successor to the witch in The Blue Light by the Brothers Grimm. A witch who values her intellingence over most of her other qualites, quite the badass, and maybe a little bit mischievous.



MJ is a mysterious person to most onlookers, almost always having a tiny little smirk or frown on her face.

But in reality she’s either planning something a bit wrong to someone. MJ thinks they still deserve it, for a number of reasons some of which includes trying to mess with her friend or maybe even her girlfriend. Which a lot know not to do, but some still do. On the other hand, the frown means she not up to much at all, or hiding away her emotions. Somethings she known to do a lot.

On the topic of emotions, if she’s with someone she really trusts enough she’s spills her emotions out like a teapot. She’s anxious, she’s a bit of a sad person, and possibly lonely even with the people she knows and cares about. It's a big contrast from the mysterious persona she puts up.

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