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Dancing my way into my Happily Ever After!
Minuette Dancer
Minuette Dancer is a 2015-introduced and all-around character. She is the daughter of the youngest princess from the Brothers Grimm tale The 12 Dancing Princesses. A bright and energetic young princess, Minuette looks forward to her destiny and all the dancing she will get to do! In the destiny conflict, Minuette sides with the Royals as she is content with her Happily Ever After. However, she isn't opposed to the Rebel ideal either, as she believes that all fairytales should be able to dance to the beat of their own drum.


In English, Minuette Dancer is voiced by Mandy Moore.

Minuette's live-action portrayal would be played by Katherine McNamara.



Minuette is a sweet and charming young girl. She seems to care for dancing more than anything else and can be quite airheaded and ditzy from time to time, the opposite of her mother who was the only princess who noticed small details in her story. Despite this, Minuette looks forward to her destiny, mainly for all the dancing she'll do. However, she does sympathize with the Rebel cause, even if she's not a Rebel herself since she believes that all fairytales should be able to dance to their own beat. When she's not off somewhere dancing, she can be found shopping for shoes, since she has a bad habit of wearing out her shoes extremely quickly. This is because she is often sneaking out during the night to dance, gaining both approval and disapproval all at once from Headmaster Grimm. On one hand, she's just fulfilling her destiny, but on the other, there's a pretty strict rule that no student is allowed to roam the grounds at night. This has lead her to get into plenty of trouble from Headmaster Grimm, which is why she's so afraid of him now.

She is usually quite sociable and talkative, easy to make friends with and hard to hate. Minuette is very expressive and she has a habit of talking with her hands, especially if she's feeling rather emotional. She can be described as being somewhat of a stereotypical girly-girl as she enjoys 'girly' things such as gossip, shopping, and cute princes. And everyone already knows her love for boy bands such as One Reflection and 5 Chapters of Summer[1]. But there's nothing that Minuette loves more than dancing. We're talking about a girl who named her twelve pet goldfish after dance styles. However, her love for dancing can also be her downfall, as she can be an extreme perfectionist, and there have been times where she's pushed herself far past her physical limits in order to get something up to her standards. Despite her fierce love for dance, Minuette has admitted that dance is much harder than one would think it to be.

Minuette has the energy of a dancer, which can be shown through her bubbly attitude. Not only does she get excited easily, but Minuette can be distracted easily as well. Her attention span lasts about as long as her pet goldfish do. The only time she really puts her everything into focusing on something is when she dances, and that's about as far as her attention span goes. Because of this, she can seem flighty and naive. But she'd never leave a friend hanging! Having been raised as a single child, by herself, for so many years, Minuette has craved social interaction with fairytales her own age. And since having eleven sisters was such an important part in her mother's story, Minuette likes to consider her friends as her "family". Overall, Minuette is a lively and sweet princess, even if she can be a bit of a hardcore dancing addict.

Hobbies & Interests


Minuette's obvious main hobby is dancing. Whether it is classical ballet, ballroom dancing, or hip-hop and contemporary, Minuette loves them all. She has been dancing ever since she was a child, and her parents taught her in their underground castle from their story. Just like in her story, Minuette has a habit of sneaking out in the middle of the night and dancing in the Enchanted Forest. It is not only fun for her, but it's an outlet for her emotions and thoughts as well.


She also enjoys making friends. She grew up a single child by herself, starved for social interaction with peers her own age. Although she had her dancing, she didn't have any friends. When she transferred to Ever After High, she had a plethora of friends who all made her so happy - even happier than she ever felt when she danced, which is saying something! Any time Minuette sees a person by themselves or looking down, she always takes it upon herself to get to know that person. After all, strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.


Since she's always wearing out her shoes from dancing so much, she is almost constantly visiting Ashlynn Ella's Glass Slipper boutique. Over time, she's gotten to know Ashlynn so well that the daughter of Cinderella likes to joke that Minuette "buys even more shoes than she does". Minuette has an entire closet dedicated to shoes, and then another closet dedicated to all the shoes she'd worn out throughout the years.


Minuette, believe it or not, enjoys poetry. Although she's not nearly patient enough to sit down and read novels upon novels, she does have a special fondness for poetry. She says that she likes the beats and rhythms of poetry, as it sort of reminds her of words dancing on a page. She especially enjoys reading her cousin Pirouette's poetry.


Minuette Dancer is a cute girl with pale cream skin, long curly strawberry blonde hair with lavender streaks, and bright blue eyes. She wears light pink makeup. She is often seen wearing ballerina-esque dresses as well as ballet shoes. Her favorite colors are ballet shoe pink, lavender, and princess gold, colors that she is often integrating into her outfits.

Fairy Tale

How the Story Goes

The 12 Dancing Princesses

How Minuette Fits Into It

Minuette, being the daughter of the youngest princess, is destined to be the only one out of all of her eleven companions to notice something amiss during the three nights the old soldier spied on them. Minuette looks forward to her story, mostly because of all the dancing she'll get to do. Plus, it means that she'll be living with her 11 cousins and dancing with them every night. What's not to love about that destiny?

View on Destiny

Minuette is definitely a Royal, through and through. She loves her destiny, she wouldn't change it for the world, and she can't wait until her Once Upon a Time starts. However, Minuette also happens to support the Rebel cause, firmly believing that all fairytales should be able to dance to the beat of their own drum. However, she still considers herself to be a Royal and not a Roybel because she is in full support for her own destiny and finds nothing wrong with it.



Sissonne "Sissy" Dancer

Minuette's mother is the Twelfth Dancing Princess. Minuette and her mother are very close, as her mother is the one who pays for all of her shoes. Minuette describes her mother as being very kind and romantic, and cares very deeply for her loved ones. Her mother and father were the ones who first taught her how to dance[2], and they are partly the reason why dancing is so precious to her. It was her mother's idea to home-school her when Minuette was younger, so that she could focus on her dancing. However, when Minuette expressed her loneliness and her need to interact with fairytales her own age, her mother, at first, was adamant about home-schooling her. However, she eventually yielded and allowed Minuette to transfer to Ever After High[1].

Tourdion Dancer

Minuette's father, one of the princes from the underground castle. According to Minuette, her father is stuck in a "mid-chapter crises" and is still caught sneaking out at night to dance[2]. He likes to act younger than he truly is. Because of this, him and Minuette get along quite well, even though sometimes whenever he uses a modern teen slang to seem "cool", it tends to embarrass Minuette beyond comprehension. When Minuette expressed her desire to transfer to Ever After High, Tourdion was extremely supportive of her choice. Unlike most royal parents, Tourdion is very laidback and open-minded about the destiny conflict, much more so than his wife.


Minuette has eleven cousins who will serve as the other dancing princesses in her story, including Abelia Knight, daughter of the First Dancing Princess, Brenda Dancer, daughter of the Second, Carmen Worn, daughter of the Third, Daniella Adagio, daughter of the Fourth, Prinscilla Crowne, daughter of the Seventh, Pavanine Dancer, daughter of the Ninth, Sarah Dance, daughter of the Tenth, and Pirouette Dancer, daughter of the Eleventh. Although she is very excited about fulfilling her destiny with all of her cousins, she admits to forgetting their names sometimes since there is so many of them[2].


What's better than dancing? Friends!

Due to her naturally friendly and outgoing nature, Minuette has managed to befriend plenty of fairytales during her time at Ever After High. Normally, she can be seen hanging around various other Royals, such as Holly O'Hair and Duchess Swan, although her bubbly personality lets her get along with most fairytales, including those who are more rebelliously inclined to their stories. Minuette loves making new friends, so don't be surprised if she approaches you one day!

Ticktania Tockman

Minuette is particularly close to Ticktania Tockman and considers her to be her best friend forever after, the two sharing a relationship that is similar to that of a Sherlock-and-Watson sort of vibe[3]. The two met during lunch one day and they clicked almost immediately. The two can be quite different in personality sometimes, but they still manage to get along perfectly fine and they work well together whenever they become faux detectives. They tend to complement each other well, seeing as how they make up what the other is lacking. Minuette views Ticktania as a sister, and would do pretty much anything for her if she had to.

Cygmund "Ziggy" Frederick

Having been dance partners for a while now, Minuette is good friends with the future Prince Siegfried. She likes to think they're close friends, almost like siblings sometimes. Minuette respects him as a dancer, and he is pretty much the first person she'd go to for dancing tips or advice. Ziggy also happens to be her VP in the Once Upon a Dance Club[4], and the two often come up with ideas for the club whenever they can. He is also one of the only people who she will gush to about her love for dancing, as he shares the same interest in it as her. According to Minuette, she has decided that he's kind of cute in a One Reflection kind of way[5], but don't let him know that.

Percy Boots

Who would have guessed that the son of Puss in Boots would love dancing and shoe shopping as much as the daughter of the 12th Dancing Princess does? Well, it's true! Minuette has managed to find a friend with Percy Boots, a fellow Royal who not only shares her passion for dance and shoes, but sneaking out at night as well! Although they may seem like an odd pair to be seen together, Percy is always able to make Minuette laugh. Plus, this princess is so airheaded that any of his flirtations go right over her strawberry blonde-locked head. As per her custom with befriending a guy, she's decided to deem him cute in a EHEXO (yes, my awful try at punning Korean boy group EXO) kind of way.

Duchess Swan

Although the two had a very rough first meeting, Minuette and Duchess eventually became close friends after Minuette challenged the Swan Princess to a dance off[1]. After that, Duchess reluctantly befriended Minuette and the two are usually seen dancing together near the Enchanted Lake. Minuette is able to brush off most of Duchess's witchy comments because she's so naive and sweet, allowing her to stay close to Duchess without getting annoyed or angry at her. However, because of this, Duchess can easily manipulate Minuette into doing all sorts of crazy stuff, like when she convinced Minuette to help her out with getting revenge on Apple White and Raven Queen after Legacy Day[6]. Despite this, Minuette stays a loyal friend.

Other Friends

She is also good friends with Alexandra Wonderland, Golden Eyes, and Marianne Fiske, all of whom she loves giving dance tips to. She has also struck up a friendship with Aidelaide Cordonnier, the daughter of The Shoemaker, as well as Pioretta Paper, daughter of the Paper Ballerina, who shares her love of dancing. She is close to her cousin, daughter of the second Dancing Princess, Brenda Dancer.

... As long as those friends will dance with you!


Foxtrot, Jitterbug, Waltz, Charleston, Boogie, Samba, Jive, Mambo, Tap, Ballet, Tango, and Swing are Minuette's twelve goldfish - fish literally made out of gold. They are all named after styles of dancing. Minuette seems to care deeply for her 12 goldfish, since she can point them all out individually by name, even though they are all identical.


Dancing is my one true love!
Minuette considers dancing to be her "one true love" but she's not opposed to finding a prince who is willing to dance with her forever after. She has a, more or less, complicated relationship with Axel Wolf, although the two are not officially dating[7]. She is uncertain whether or not she wants to pursue a romantic relationship at the moment.



Minuette's Outfits
Minuette dancer2 by snowfright-d8xjdgf

art (c) SnowFright


Minuette wears a feminine dress with styles incorporating both her Royal heritage and her love of dancing. The top of the dress is medium pink with a gold-trimmed sweetheart neckline and a gold decorative rose. Two light lavender glittery translucent folds wrap around on either side of the bodice. A soft white peplum tied together with a pale pink rose separates the top of the dress from the pinkish-lavender skirt which has ribbony-floral print at the very bottom of the skirt. She wears lavender high-heeled shoes with ribbons lacing up to her ankles. Two small golden bows accent her shoes. Her tiara is fashioned out of light lilac-colored roses with crown spikes jutting out. Her accessories include a pink and gold round purse decorated with gold ballet shoes, a light lavender locket necklace, and a lavender ribbon bracelet with a rose clip.

EAOC minuette legacy day

art (c) Reiltra

Legacy Day

Minuette's Legacy Day outfit is compromised of a pale papery-white bodice and a sheer pastel pink glimmery tutu. A light lavender peplum decorated with red and purple flowers separates the top from the bottom. A long sheer white train falls from the back, hanging like a cape from her shoulders. Sheer white sleeves with feathery-like ends wrap around her arms. She wears very pale ballet shoes with pink ribbons tying up to her ankles and decorated with pink flowers.

C miss minuette dancer getting fairest by mandigao-d8xemap

art (c) MandigaO

Getting Fairest

Her Getting Fairest attire consists of a pale lavender-colored short nightgown with the top part of the bodice decorated with golden swirling patterns like ribbons, and tied off with a golden ribbon which separates the top of the bodice from the rest of the dress. She also wears a very pale lilac robe trimmed with translucent golden frilly ruffles. Her shoes are lavender-colored high-heeled slippers with ribbons lacing up almost to her knees like ballet shoes. She also wears a cute lilac-and-gold face mask with a little decorative golden crown atop it.

C miss minuette dancer mirror beach by mandigao-d8tomyo

art (c) MandigaO

Mirror Beach

Minuette's Mirror Beach outfit is comprised of two main parts: first and foremost is her swimsuit which is a strapless pink one-piece with golden fleur de lis print. On either sides of the swimsuit is a light lavender corset pattern which laces up from the bottom to the top. She also wears a translucent glittery white tutu-esque skirt with gold patterns on it. Her accessories include a pair of lavender sunglasses, a chunky golden rose necklace, and high heeled cork shoes with lavender-pinkish ribbons lacing up to her mid-calves.

Comvin2 by thebatfamilymember-d8tyrcv

art (c) thebatfamilymember

Hat-tastic Party

Minuette wears a light ballet shoe pink dress with a lavender trimmed neckline, a lavender belt, and lavender lace trimming the very bottom of the skirt. The long-sleeved shirt underneath the bodice has pink pinstripes on it. The bodice of the dress has a swirling fleur de lis pattern, and the same fleur de lis pattern decorates the inside of the belt. The skirt, which has a pink to cream gradient, has a pattern consisting of roses in ovals intertwined togeter with lilac ribbons. She also wears pink polkadot tights and lavender high heels with ankle ribbons and light pink roses as decor. Her accessories include white gloves, a light lilac teacup ring, a pink-and-lavender hanging necklace, and a moderate pink hat which is decorated lavishly with various pink and lavender trimmings.

Pointcommish vinn tage by maki96-d8ojhzr

art (c) maki96

Wave 2

Minuette wears a light pink dress with golden fleur-de-lis print on her bodice and top half of skirt. A portion of lavender wraps around the bodice similar to a corset. The sleeves of the dress are multicolored roses, all of which are shades of pink or purple. A pale poofy pink peplum is tied around her waist with a lilac colored belt with pink and purple roses in the center. She wears black tights and cream-white shoes with bows on the ankle. A flowery golden crown ties part of her hair up into a bump, and her accessories include a gold and pink charm bracelet, a golden necklace with rose motifs, and a pastel pink purse which is shaped similar to a ballerina music box.

EAOC minuette thronecoming

art (c) Reiltra


Minuette wears a wine red sleeveless dress with a billowing skirt which reaches slightly past her knees. A cream colored floral-printed sheer skirt slightly overlays the bottom half, with a rose-printed pinkish red peplum tied with a belt of light pink roses. The same light pink roses adorn her necklace, along with a string of pinkish beads which cascade over her shoulders and around her chest. A light cream colored tiara decorated with dark red roses and pointe shoes finish off her look.

EAOC minuette spring unsprung

art (c) Reiltra

Spring Unsprung

Minuette's Spring Unsprung look sports a darker color scheme, centered around navy blue and violet hues. Her top has a white to pale blue gradient with a short-sleeved navy blue bolero covering her shoulders. A long, flowing sheer hi-low skirt with big flowery print cascades down to her ankles. She wears dark blue tights with ivy-esque print on the upper leg region. Her boots reach mid-calf and are violet in color, with plenty of thin branches and blue, green, and magenta blossoms decorating her shoes. A floral tiara compromised of matching blue, green and magenta blossoms sits atop her head.

Com sugar coated minuette by anigirl5-d900mlp

art (c) Anigirl5

Sugar Coated

Her Sugar Coated attire consists of a pale peachy-pink dress with translucent glittery off-the-shoulder sleeves. She also wears a poofy lavender apron with a pale lilac heart-shaped top with a polka dotted pattern and icing trimming. The bottom of the apron has several layers of lilac and purple tiers which all have a gingham print on them. A large pink bow ties around her waist. She also wears lavender cake-like shoes with cherries on top and white icing decorating it, as well as purple ribbons which lace up to her ankles. Her accessories include a silver tiara with lavender cupcake decor, a pink and purple necklace with dessert trinkets, and purple oven mitts with pink ruffles.


Fairest on Ice


EAOC minuette thru the woods2

art (c) thebatfamilymember

Through the Woods

Minuette wears a more lavender-based attire opposed to her usual pink priority. The bodice of the dress is a very pale, almost nude, pink with pink corset strings and light green ivy embellishments. A delicate lilac cape with lacy floral pattern drapes over her shoulder, tied together by a large pastel colored layer of pearls. The skirt of the dress is a darker lavender color with light green tree motifs, and a translucent periwinkle petticoat just barely visible underneath. She wears purple knee-high boots with lilac-colored laces, as well as a purple beret with a small gold bow and golden spikes around the hem.


Enchanted Picnic



Way too Wonderland



Date Night



School Spirit



Dragon Games



Book Party



Epic Winter


School Schedule

1st Period: Princessology with Mrs. Her Majesty the White Queen

2nd Period: Good Kingdom Management with Queen Charming III

3rd Period: Dance Class-ic with Madame Scarlette Shoes

4th Period: Crownculus with Prof. Rumpelstiltskin

5th Period: Storytelling 101 with Prof. Jack B. Nimble

6th Period: Damsel-in-Distressing with Miss Maid Marian


  • Her birthday is December 12th[8]
  • Minuette's theme song would most likely be Keep on Dancing by Rachel Bearer
  • Ballet is her favorite dance, although she enjoys other dances as well such as swing, ballroom, and contemporary
  • Her side of the dorm room walls are covered with One Reflection and 5 Chapters of Summer posters
  • She is the current President of the Once Upon a Dance Club, which is a club dedicated to the art of dancing[4]
  • Her Thronecoming gift from her mother was a pair of enchanted dancing shoes that never wear out
  • Has a habit of misplacing and losing her MirrorPhone


Every fairytale should be able to dance to the beat of their own drum.
Minuette on her viewpoint of Royals vs Rebels

Dancing isn't just fun. It's an hexpression of the heart
Minuette, from Minuette Dancer's Story

When in doubt, dance it out.
Minuette and her "coping skill"

I am Minuette Dancer, daughter of the Twelfth Dancing Princess, and I pledge to follow my destiny and dance forever after!
Minuette on Legacy Day

Appears In


  • The name Minuette comes from a French dance called minuet and from the suffix -ette, which often turns nouns into a smaller form of something or a feminine form of something. It is also found as the suffix of female names such as Colette, Antoinette, and Juliette
  • Minuette's original name was Bellerina L'Danse, which would later be recycled for the daughter of Giselle, from the ballet Giselle
  • Her original color scheme was similar to this before it was scrapped for her current one



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