Minuette Dancer
EAOC minuettecard2
art (c) SnowFright
Character Profile
Parent Story The 12 Dancing Princesses
Alignment Icon-Royal Royal
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There's a muse-ic festival @ Bookend! I'm totes going to be there ♥


The Once Upon a Dance Club is open for any fairytale whose true love is dancing!


Being yourself and being unique is always something to spellebrate!


Study party at Briar Beauty's dorm! It's gonna be off the page ♥


Curses! I can never decide on which tiara to wear #princessproblems


Anybody up for a shopping spell at Book End?


Happy True Heart's Day! I hope everybody is having a fableous time and following their true hearts!


I hope everybody is having a royally enchanting day! ♥


True Heart's Day is just a page away! Is anyone else as hexcited as I am?


I'm totes going to the Red Shoes Studio after school! Can't wait to get my dance on!

Studying for Princessology is royally boring!

OMGrimm! One Reflection is so charming!


I dance through shoes hextremely fast. Time to dance my way to the Glass Slipper again!

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