Mirriah Glass @rumirrors_onthe_wall
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Parent Story Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Alignment Icon-Roybel Roybel
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ginger breadhouse is cooking up a big bad crush on a certain prince

@daintykisses how does it feel to have ur man stolen right from under ur lips??

faebian oberon has been detained more than once

some say for vandalism but other sources claim something royally worse ~

interview with faebian tonight @ 6! dont miss the chance for some fairy interesting answers

update : faebian AUberon could not be reached for comment

what could he be hiding? rumors now suggest arson and assault

where do i get my sources? oh please~ a good reporter never tells

sources say damon gale carries around a water bottle just in case some wicked witch tries anything

also a psa from grimm himself: plz dont melt any witches while on school campus

no @izacaster hes not just carrying it around to DRINK from it

and did u just MAKE a mirror blog account to tell me i was WRONG ??? ugh ur lucky ur a weird sister

if anyone has ANY info on river loxias @me Right Now

so i hear this new snow queen got the bad end of an emotion curse. im sure a quick potion from the weird sisters would fix u right up if u wanna invest~

river loxias supposedly spotted by penelopea duvet!! @sleeping_peauty

but we all know shes willing to say anything for attention~ remember her claims her family invented the princess-and-the-peanut butter sandwitches? only to be debunked by yours truly <3

kirk i see u making eyes at quinn o’kane. we ALL see u making eyes at quinn o’kane ~

o romeo, romeo. wherefore art thou romeo?

oh wait i know hexactly where u are. in bed with the school nurse. what would they have to say about ur little fling with the science & sorcery teacher last weekend?~

headmastr grimm has a collection of pastel crystal unicorns. and they each individually have names.

next time you see grimm, why dont you ask him how cornelia is doing? ~

another river graffiti outside the castleteria. and yet not a single student saw them ?? ugh

i have eyes and ears all over the school, my dear fairytales. so do try to watch what you say about me, or else i might just have to feature you on this blog sometime ~

what the hex is in the tea december hare sells? id tell u but its so much more fun to see u figure it out for urselves

do cats always land on their feet ?? percy boots epically fairy-failed at wooing celes mochigome, so i’d say not~

act as nonchalant as u want mr. boots, but i saw ur little lovers quarrel and now everybody knows about it too ;)

some ppl need to chill out for a spell, okay? im not “invading privacy”. im CHECKING IN on ppl, thank you fairy much

besides, if you wanna talk invasion of privacy, why dont you @ blondie lockes instead? shes little miss magically-unlock-locks over here

@charming_dulac oh my fairy godmother, what would ur father say about ur little lore-réal shopping spree?

next time, dont come for me or maybe i’ll have to @ sir lancelot with some fairy unbelievable pics~

>@charming_dulac: @rumirrors_onthe_wall um all you do is invade privacy though? how else would u know like half the stuff you post? girl you might look like snow white but you've got the heart of an evil queen

@jingle_bells all i want for christmas is the true identity of river loxias. think u can whip up some of that christmas magic and hook a magic mirror up??

its pretty much confirmed the castleteria bakes children into dishes specifically made for witches

@daintykisses is fairy-failing crownculus because a certain @king_memedas seems to be distracting her

no kissing in the hallways you two~

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