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You only live twice. Or so it seems. One life for yourself and one for your dreams.
Nancy Sinatra - You only live twice
Sylvia Leblanc [she/her], though she goes by Moe so as to make herself more forgettable and ward off any suspicion of her name, is a mysterious changeling traveling the world with the intent of making the world a better place, one act of random kindness at a time.


Her story so far


Moe has assumed many different forms accompanied by just as many identities throughout the years, though not without guidelines. She tries to blend in to whatever location she’s working in but Moe would never assume someone else’s identity nor use assumptions about race to get the upper hand in a situation.

This time around she’s chosen the shape of a bright young woman in her 30s. Her hair is dark with a blueish shine and styled into a finger wave bob, with a large curl covering one eye. Though usually obstructed by her peculiar 3 eyed sunglasses, Moe has blue eyes.

See more at: Morganite Bérylune/Outfits


Moe is an immortal by choice. Coupled with her roots as a qualified fairy godmother and artisan for the gods, she has a unique perspective on life and power.

In the words of Pablo Picasso, good artists copy great artists steal. In other words Moe learns from others and adapts whichever tips and tricks they have given her to suit her own needs.


  • Photokenesis:
    • Moe can summon a swarm of magical fireflies strong enough to lift an average human.
    • Minor motion blur
  • Combat
  • Parkour: While Moe can naturally fly using her firefly wings, they create a buzzing noise alike a mosquito which can give away her position. Therefore, Moe prefers to navigate her environment by climbing and leaping across buildings and structures.
  • Thievery


  • Craftsmanship
    • Dressmaking
    • Making and mending magical objects. Her skills are a bit rusty from disuse.
    • Candymaking and sugar sculpting: As a little girl, Moe often followed her mother to the kitchen to watch her make candy for her candy store. Madame Berlingot taught Moe these skills when she got older. Nowadays, Moe uses her confectionary store as a cover to infiltrate private events by making and delivering sugar sculptures to them. This cover is specialized enough to be less suspicious than if she were a waiter and also allows her to estimate where important targets might be seated, since she’d be given a table plan so she can design and install her sculptures accordingly.

Moe has fashioned some unique items to help herself out, such as walnut pocket dimensions, enchanted sapphire nazar eye beads with a variety of uses from serving as destination markers for her monocle to functioning as eyes for her spy birds made of recycled materials.

  • Cooking

Trope - The Donor (and its subtrope the Fairy Godmother)

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Moe’s thoughts

By being willing to help anyone and everyone in need that she meets, Moe aims to bring back the true spirit of the profession.


After graduation

Shortly after, Moe ran away with little notice. Failure to follow her destiny as a result of her disappearance has rendered Morganite’s license void. That doesn't mean Moe automatically lost all the skills she gained from her fairy godmother training.


A friend to all is a friend to none.

Moe maintains contact with a close few who knew her before her disappearance, usually reaching them via burner phone. She doesn’t want to compromise her identity nor endanger her family and friends. Whenever she calls, Mo makes sure to spell her password Miracle Berryl as a discreet way to let them know it’s her.

Maxixe Bérylune (sister)

Mo periodically visits Max at their palace to restock on supplies, mostly nazar beads and precious jewels from Bluebeard's enchanted vaults of rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamond, or to search through books in the Museum's library.

After much consideration, Moe decided to enlist her sister's help. While it would have been possible for Moe to gather her needed resources from the black market, she would have incurred a lot of trouble. Maxixe gained a warrant from the fairy tale authorities after securing the roles of the Aloadae for herself and a partner choice (obviously Moe) but only Max signed on their behalf. Moe designed the vessel while Max built it.

Artemisia Riddleton

Sophinx Riddleton

Raymond War

No matter how hard the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it
The Emperor - Mulan

Johann B. Simpleton

Qing Ting-An (high school friend)


Moe speaks in Greek and French. In the literal sense, she grew up speaking these two languages which Moe learnt from her mother and father respectively. In the metaphorical sense, it’s exactly what you think it is. Think of the quirks in her speech as the narration in a children's book for adults.

Moe’s speech is characterized by an extensive use of analogies and statements that sound weird but will make sense once given some thought. There’s some occasional swearing, which Moe doesn’t mind because it’s better to let off steam rather than to bottle one’s emotions.

Surprise fairyfuckers!
I don’t know. You don’t know. And that’s ok. You’ll never find all the answers but you’ll always know more today than you did yesterday.
If ever in doubt, don't be afraid to ask.
Oftentimes a hero’s prize is not true love itself but rather a livelihood framed as such. I should know, I was once to be someone’s provider.
Life's never fair. Everyone’s got different needs and wants so there will always be conflict. The problem lies in how people are managing them.
Suppose you have a pair of identical twins. Ignoring birth order, they are the same and are to be raised in the same conditions. Where do you think the first fork in the road comes in? When you give the children their names.
Mo trying to explain how small changes can make a huge difference and how it’s hard to ever meet the same version of a person ever again.
You can lie to everyone but never to yourself.
Humans blame the gods. Who do gods blame then? The authors?
Fae, fairy, demon...they're umbrella terms for many different magical species. If there is one thing they all have in common, it's that humans haven't fully understood them. Those few who tried rarely ever make it out alive. The ones who do emerge with only scraps of info. And so they choose to trivialize, sensationalize and demonize us instead.
The fairy tale authorities may care a bit about how a story is told but rarely the characters who live it.
Me, a god? That depends on the criteria. My body is my temple. My followers? Gut bacteria.
There are many ways to be kind but unlimited ways to be cruel. After all, evil is not limited by any rules or social norms. When you’re working against some of the worst people in the world, sometimes you gotta think like them.
You can’t escape the consequences of your actions. Or other people’s.
What do you call the person you’re dating? Boyfriend or girlfriend. Good, see anything? You have to be friends.
Ace ace baby!
What’s my secret? Forget it! That’s it.
I owed nothing going in. I owe nothing coming out.


  • Moe’s main theme song is Learnalilgivinandlovin by Gotye.
  • Her first name is named after the inventor of the Berlingot de Carpentras candy, a cook by the name Sylvestre, while her last name Leblanc refers to her ability to turn into a white marble statue. It also sounds like “the blank”, referring to the fact Moe’s starts her cases with a blank slate. Out-of-universe, Leblanc is the surname of actress Georgette Leblanc, Maeterlinck’s muse who inspired the strong female characters in many of his plays as well as the author of the book adaptation of The Blue Bird. By extension, she's also named after the author of the Arsene Lupin stories, who is Georgette's brother. Moe's name as a whole roughly means "the white lady of the woods".
  • Sylvia Leblanc is only used for paperwork. Moe hardly ever refers to herself as such. Not even her loved ones know about this identity.
  • Moe's face claim is baker-artist and model Lexie Smith.
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