I have succumbed to the memelords. Here’s my take:

Dang, I should post some original content sometime. But don’t forget to follow and support all these other wonderful people.

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We want you to choose your destiny! Annual registrations for the Legacy Program are now open! Limited spots are available.

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Gadget of the week: Aladdin’s Magic Carpet

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Look what we found today in the Grimmasium. A large blue gym bag with a D printed on it. There is a crown printed above the D. If this is yours, please report to the school’s Lost&Found room.

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We’re having a clearance sale at the Lost & Found room. Any unclaimed items before this month are up for grabs. We’re sad to have not been able to return some items to their rightful owners but now’s your chance to give these things a new loving home! Maybe you’ll find a bargain? All proceeds will go to local charities. For more information, visit

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