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Sorry, we're you talking to me?

She's the troublemaker daughter of the youngest brother in The Crystal Ball, Neola Taika, or as she prefers Neo. She sides with the Rebels for the fact that she has better things to do than her destiny.



She’s a troublemaker. Mischievous and that’s what other students and teachers will tell you about her. Half of the time she gets away with it. But of course there are times she doesn’t. But she’s good at it.

She can be rude. It’s just in her person. And it doesn’t help when she can get annoyed easily. It also makes her come off as bitter.

Neola is very romantic. While her past dates never went as well as she wanted, she has one princess in mind and she will wait for the right moment.

She is sassy and sarcastic. Proof of it is the great amount of quips and remarks she’ll make in a day. That an she always seems to have a smirk on her face, and that screams sassiness and her mischievousness.

Neo can be emotional. In all sorts of ways. Happiness, anger, sadness, any type of emotions.


She strives to look the best as she can. But doesn’t over think it, either. Neola has pale skin, and pale blue eyes to match it. Her hair is cut in a short simple pixie and dyed in opal colors. Neo is rather toned after years of exercising helped it some, and she is a bit shorter than most.

For her makeup she’s typically uses black, black eyeshadow, lipstick, you name it.

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