No Place like I̶s̶l̶a̶n̶d̶ Home ??? is the 5th episode of shorts for Off the Island


"Theme Song"

Rocky: We're on the Land of the Band!?

Alex: Yep, welcome to my home.

Owen: This place is horrible, I'm sorry we sent you here.

Alex: It's fine, we didn't have a problem w/ it before.

Nicky: We should get going, before he comes.

Owen: Who's he?

Alex: No questions, into that house.

"The 4 run into an abandoned house"

Nicky: This place looks familiar.

Rocky: It looks like it hasn't been lived in for yrs.

Owen: Where could everyone be?

Alex: Not sure, but I feel a presence.

Rocky: Who's?

Boy: He's probably talkin' about me.

Owen: Who's that?

Nicky: Blond-E.

Blond-E: That's my name, don't ware it out.

Alex: We need to leave this place.

Rocky: But how?

Owen: Same way we got here.

Nicky: Wish!

Alex: I wish we were back @ Ever After.

"The 5 disappear & reappear in Genevieve's lamp"

Alex: Hey.



  • Alex
  • Nicky
  • Rocky
  • Owen
  • Blond-E
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