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@king_memedas Stop replying to me with pictures of that frog thing!

Aside from compulsory classes, my schedule this year includes Heroics 101, Damsel-in-Distressing, Advanced Wooing, and Kingdom Management. Let me know if we share a class! #BookToSchool #OrientationWeek

@calypsosconspiracyisland I'd address the fables if they were true, which they aren't.

@king_memedas Hey, two can play at that game! >:-) #ItsOnLikeFairySong


Thank Grimm for the good MirrorNet connection in this school.

#NowPlaying Blank Page by Taylor Quick 🔊

Damon Gale just wanted me to say that acaspella rehersals are cancelled today!

No but seriously, my name isn't Sid! Looking at you @callmeokane!

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