Off The Island is the 1st movie of Off the Island


Alex: "narrating" One Legacy Day, Apple White declared that the villains should all be separated from the royals & attend school miles away. All the villains where moved to an abandoned island call The Land of the Band, a place w/ no magic, no Wi-Fi & definitely no way out. But One day all of that changed, the person who changed it all, you're about to meet.

"Owen is staring out the window looking @ The Land of the Band"

Tailor: Don't move.

"Owen's parents walked into the room"

Hopper: Can you believe it, our son is soon going to be crowned King this Fairyday.

Briar: You sound surprised, you've known this since he was born.

Hopper: Yes but it's still shocking to know.

Owen: "chuckles"

Briar: So have any ideas on what your 1st official proclamation is?

Owen: Yes actually, I´ve decided that the children on the Land of the Band be given a chance to live here in Ever After.

Hopper: What?!

Owen: Every time I look out on to the island, I feel bad for them.

Hopper: That's the point.

Owen: I've already picked them out.

Hopper: Oh, have u now?

Briar: Calm down, just give Owen a chance, who are they related to?

Owen: Mad Hatter, the Shadowman, Dark Fairy...& the Evil Queen.

"Tailor jumps up frightened & exits the room"

Hopper: Evil Queen, who've got to be kidding?!

Owen: No.

Briar: Honey, the were banished for a reason 'cause they're evil.

Owen: But their grandkids are harmless, shouldn't we @ least give them a chance?

"Hopper & Briar stare @ one another then look back @ Owen"

Hopper: I suppose we can give them a chance.

Owen: Great, I'll send out the letters now.

"Hopper walks off, upset but the choice his son has made"

Briar: I'm proud of you dear, you'll make a great king.

Owen: Thanks, mom.

Cut to The Land of the Band:

"Alex is painting "Long Live Evil" on a canvas; the core 4 sing about how Rotten to the Core they are"

Alex: "laughs maniacally" Never gets old.

"Alex's parents walk up to the 4 & villagers run in fear"

Alex: Hey, mom. Hey, dad.

Raven: Terrorizing people again?

Mac: You know it.

Dexter: You're mom & I have something for you. "hands letter"

Alex: "takes letter" What's this? "reads letter & has shocked expression on face"

Raven: Surprise.

Alex: There's no way in ever after I'm going to attend that school.

Nicky: What school?

"Alex hands the letter to his friends & they have shocked expressions as well"

Francine: I'm not going to a school filled w/ proper princes.

Nicky: And beautiful princesses. Ugh.

Mac: And I don't do uniforms.

Alex: Where not going, like @ all.

Raven: Well tell your grandma that.

Dexter: Speaking of her, she'd like to see you, all of you.

Alex: "sighs"

"The 4 headed inside Alex's house, into the mirror room, where they saw all their grandparents"

Alex: What are yal doing here?

Dark Fairy: We've all made the decision on whether or not you 4 should go to Ever After.

The Shadowman: And you will.

Mac: Why?

EQ: So you can steal fairy godmother's magic wand.

Alex: For what reason?

EQ: To break the barrier & to wreck havoc on Ever After.

DF: Once you do, all of the royals would've wished they didn't banish us in the 1st place.

Mad Hatter: They made me close down my haberdashery & tea shop.

SM: It's ok, you'll get your revenge.

DF: We all will.

EQ: So what'd ya say?

Mac: Do our parents know?

DF: Yes.

Francine: Then I'm in.

Mac: Same.

Nicky: Ditto.

MH: What about you, Al?

Alex: IDK.

Mac: C'mon, you'll get revenge on Rocky.

Alex: Sure, why not.

Francine: Knew that would get him.

EQ: Good, the limo is out waiting for you.

DF: And before you go, Mad Hatter.

MH: "hands Al a book"

Alex: What's this?

EQ: It's a spell book, it won't work here but in Ever After it will.

DF: Remember the good times we had w/ that?

EQ: Almost seems like it was yesterday.

SM: Now, off you go.

"the 4 head outside & get into the limo"

Chauffeur: We're all set.

"Mac & Nicky start getting into the candy"

Francine: What're you doing?

Alex: I'm plotting.

Francine: And u have to make that weird face?

Alex: Shut it.

"the limo heads off; Alex finds a remote & presses it having the partition go down"

Francine: "looks out the window" It's a trap!

"the others look out & see them heading off a cliff"

Mac: I knew this thing was too good to be true.

Nicky: Take cover!

"the 4 hold onto each other & the limo crosses a bridge"

Alex: We're alive?

Francine: Must be magic.

Alex: Don't look @ me, I had nothing to do w/ that, I just found out I could do magic.

Mac: Well, it definitely wasn't me.

Chauffeur: Calm down, it was this. "holds up remote"

Alex: So what does this do?

Chauffeur: Nothing, but this one. "pushes & partition rolls up"

Francine: Ok then?

Alex: I like how he acts.

"The limo drives up to EAH & the students are gathered outside awaiting their presence"

Alex: "gets out" Ugh, look @ this place.

Mac: It's so...gross.

Headmaster Grimm: Welcome to EAH, I'm headmaster Grimm.

Nicky: Grimm, like the brothers Grimm?

HG: You know it.

"Owen & Rocky walk up"

HG: This is Owen & Rocky, they'll be giving you a tour of EAH.

Alex: I've heard so much about you, Rocky White.

Rocky: I bet you have, Alex, evil queen's devil seed.

Alex: I prefer wicked.

"Rocky rolls his eyes"

Owen: I'm Owen-

Rocky: Prince Owen, soon to be king, my boyfriend.

Mac: "sarcastically" I didn't realize I cared.

"Francine & Nicky giggle"

Owen: Anyways, since we've told you our names, what's ours?

Alex: I'm Alex, sarcastic one is Mac & giggly ones are Franny & Nicky.

Owen: It's nice to meet you all.

Mac: Yeah, yeah, now could you just give us your stupid tour.

Franny: Someone has a stick up their arse.

"Nicky giggles"

Mac: I heard that!

Alex: What's your deal?

Mac: I'm still hung up on that almost about to be killed experience.

Nicky: But we didn't, we crossed the magical bridge that appeared.

Mac: It still was traumatic.

Alex: Let's just start the tour.

Owen: Ok.

"Owen gives the villain kids a tour of EAH"

Owen: That's the end of the tour, now Henry here will show you your dorms.

Henry: Hey guys, I'm Henry, related to Humpty Dumpty.

Owen: And if you guys have any questions-

Rocky: Ask Henry.

"Owen & Rocky walk off"

Alex: So do you guys have any magic in this place?

Henry: Yes we did but since it's been banned, we're just mortals.

Alex: I see, so no wands or anything?

Henry: There is fairy godmother's wand but that's locked up.

Alex: Fairy godmother, as in pumpkin to carriage.

Henry: That's one.

Franny: And what about our classes?

Henry: Jiminy cricket.

"Henry stares @ Franny"

Mac: "tries to snap him back into reality"

Nicky: Hey, are you ok? Hello?

Henry: Oh right, sorry, here are your schedules. "hands papers to the 4"

Alex: Goodness 101, Magicology, Crownculus, Muse-ic class, Chemythstry & Environmental Magic.

Henry: You all have the same schedules, so you'll never be separated.

Mac: Guessing Goodness 101 is a new class?

Henry: Yeah.

Alex: Well, let's go find our dorms.

"the 4 head up the stairs"

Henry: Uh, actually, your dorms are this way. "pointing in the opposite direction"

tThe 4 head in the other direction to their dorms"

Cut to Alex & Mac's dorm:

Alex: This place is so-

Mac: Gross, I know.

Alex: M, windows.

"Alex & Mac cover up the windows w/ the curtains"

Cut to Nicky & Franny's dorm:

"Nicky is enjoying a video game"

Alex: So, what are you doing hexactly?

Franny: They call it video games.

Mac: Huh, interesting.

Alex: Alright, so you guys remember the plan, right?

Mac: Yep.

Franny: Take fairy's wand, break barrier & take over Ever After.

Nicky: Where hexactly is the wand?

Alex: "pulls out mirror"

Mac: Now's not the time to look for acne.

Alex: I'm not using it for that, it's a magic mirror.

Mac: Oh, carry on then.

Alex: Mirror, mirror in my hand, where's fairy godmother's wand in this wretched land?

"Magic mirror showing the wand in a glass dome"

Mac: Great, that'll help us.

Alex: Mirror, mirror, not so close.

"Mirror zooms out & reveals a museum"

Franny: I saw that museum when we were driving to EAH.

Alex: Great, you can take us there.

"the 4 head out to the museum"

Cut to Museum entrance:

Alex: Door's locked?

Mac: Yeah & there's a security guard.

Alex: "sighs" What are we gonna do? "gets idea & pulls out spell book"

Franny: What'cha gonna do w/ that?

Alex: Let's get inside, so we won't have to hide. "casts spell"

"the 4 are transported into the museum"

Guard: How'd you get in?

Mac: Not important.

Alex: Would you like an apple? "pulls out apple"

Guard: Sure, I am hungry. "takes apple & bites into it, passing out"

Franny: Wow.

Mac: I didn't think you would kill the man.

Alex: I didn't kill him, he's just asleep.

Nicky: Yeah, "asleep".

Alex: C'mon.

"the 4 head to a room w/ statues of all the villains"

Mac: Darkness.

Nicky: Madness.

Franny: Shadows.

Alex: "stares @ EQ's statue"

Mac: Well, it's not here, let's go.

"Mac, Franny & Nicky leave"

"Al & EQ sing about being truly evil, then Mac comes back into the room"

Mac: Dude, you coming?

Alex: "turns around, then looks back @ EQ statue" Uh, yeah.

Cut to room:

Franny: That's it, the magic wand.

Nicky: It's so shiny. "runs towards"

Alex: "notices barrier" Nicky, wait!

"Nicky gets knocked back from the barrier & an alarm goes off"

Alex: I forgot about his obsession w/ shiny things.

Mac: We need to leave, before someone finds us here.

Alex: On it. "casts a spell"

"the 4 disappear & reappear outside the dorms"

Mac: Great job Nicky, now we have to go to school!

Nicky: Sorry.

Cut to Next day:

"The 4 are in their 1st class of the day"

Dr. King Charming: Pop quiz!

Mac: We just got here.

Dr. King Charming: Don't care.

Nicky: Not inviting him to any of my tea parties.

Dr. King Charming: 1st question, what do you do when you see a classmate is hurt?

Mac: You tell 'em to suck it up & get over themselves.

"Franny & Nicky laugh, while Alex was doodling the take over of EAH"

Dr. KC: Incorrect Mr. Thorn, Alex, since you're so busy doodling, you clearly must know the answer?

Alex: You comfort your classmate.

Dr. KC: "shocked" Oh, that's correct.

Franny: How'd you do that?

Alex: Just think of the answer that's the opposite of what we'd do.

Dr. KC: Next question, how do you earn hextra credit?

"the other 3's hands shoot up"

Dr. KC: Mac!

Mac: You ask the teach.

Dr. KC: Correct.

Nicky: I was gonna say that.

Mac: Aw, too bad.

"Mac & Nicky roughhouse"

Dr. KC: Boys...boys...boys!

Alex: "uses his magic to hold them against the wall" Stop. It.

"Mac & Nicky nervously nod their heads"

Dr. KC: You should take that energy to the bookball field.

Nicky: Not interested.

Mac: I am, sign me up.

Dr. KC: Talk to coach gingerbread after class.

Mac: Sweet!

"a girl walks into the classroom"

Dr. KC: Hey Emily, what's up?

Emily: It's time for the assembly.

Dr. KC: Oh right, you guys need to head to the Grimmnasium, Emily will guide you there.

Emily: "nervously" Hey.

Alex: "whispers to Franny" She could be a use for us.

"Emily guides the 4 to the Grimmnasium"

Alex: Question, is the wand important for anything?

Emily: Which wand?

Mac: Fairy godmother's.

Emily: Oh, my grandma's, yeah, they'll use it for Owen's coronation.

Franny: Coronation?

Emily: To become king.

Alex: Wait, fairy godmother's your grandma?

Emily: Yep.

Alex: "whispers to Franny" Told ya.

Franny: You did.

Emily: Huh?

Franny: Nothing.

Cut to Grimmnasium:

Student: Why don't you go back to where you belong!

"students burst into laughter"

Nicky: Rude.

Franny: "sarcastically" I know, how could they.

Alex: How 'bout you shut the hex up before I make your sorry arses shut up for you!

"the students stopped laughing & now where frightened"

Mac: Noice.

Cut to Castleteria:

Alex: Hey Owen, I've got a question.

Owen: What's up?

Alex: Can we sit up front during coronation?

Mac: Next fairy godmother, you know to suck up that goodness.

Owen: I would love to let you guys, but only my family & boyfriend will be sitting in the front.

Alex: Ok, thanks anyways.

Owen: But there's plenty-

"The 4 walk off to a table to eat lunch"

Alex: I've got a plan.

Mac: Oh really, what's that?

Alex: Owen needs a new bf.

Mac: So that's why you were staring @ him the whole time during the assembly.

Alex: Was not.

Franny: Don't even try to deny it.

Nicky: We saw you.

Alex: Whatever after.

Mac: Cast the spell.

Alex: "pulls out spell book" I need this now so she won't get mad @ thee, have Owen fall in love w/ me. "casts spell"

"Owen gets effected by the spell & gets up onto the table"

Owen: Everyone, may I have your attention!

"everyone pauses to listen to their soon to be king"

Owen: I'm going to sing a song for a very special someone.

"Rocky's friends look @ him"

Alex: I think it's working.

Henry: "hands Owen mic"

"Owen sings a very romantic song about a very special someone"

Owen: I love you Alex.

"Rocky has a shocked expression on his face"

Owen: Would you like to be my date for coronation?

Alex: Yeah!

Owen: He said yes!

"Students cheer"

"Rocky storms off upset"

Mac: I am shook.

Franny: Ditto.

Emily: "walks by"

Alex: Emy, come w/ me.

"Alex & Emily walk off to the janitor's closet"

Emily: What's up?

Alex: I heard you talkin' to that 1 boy.

Emily: Aaron.

Alex: No need for names, you said how much you hated your hair.

Emily: Yeah, why?

Alex: I could help.

Emily: Really?

Alex: Yeah. "pulls spell book out & flips through pgs."

Emily: Grandma says gateway magic isn't allowed anymore.

Alex: She doesn't need to know.

Emily: I guess not.

Alex: Good girl, now prepare yourself.

Emily: I'm prepared.

Alex: Beware, forswear, replace the old with new hair! "casts spell"

"Emily's hair goes from short to wavy long"

Emily: I need a mirror.

Alex: "hands mirror"

Emily: Oh my fairy godmother, I love it!

Alex: You're welcome.

Emily: Ooh, do my outfit.

Alex: Ooh can't, my magic can't do big things.

Emily: "frowns"

Alex: But if you help me get fairy godmother's wand then we totes can.

Emily: Ok.

Alex: Great, see ya later. "walks out"

Cut to Chemythstry Class:

Aaron: Oh look, they wicked of them all.

Alex: Jelly?

Aaron: As if.

Mac: "sits down next Alex"

Aaron: "giddy" Hey.

Mac: Sup.

Aaron: I'm Aaron.

Mac: Oh, so you're the arse who was rude to us.

Aaron: Yeah, 'bout that, I'm really sorry.

Alex: Really 'cause when you were talkin' to me you didn't-

Aaron: Shh!

Alex: "scoffs"

Aaron: Wanna be my date for coronation?

Mac: Depends, gonna be nice to my friends?

Aaron: Uh-huh.

Mac: Even Alex?

Aaron: Yeah, sure, whatever after.

Mac: I guess.

Aaron: Sweet, see ya Fairyday.

Alex: This Fairyday?

Aaron: Yeah.

Alex: That's like 3 days away.

Aaron: Congrats, you know how to count.

Mac: "glares @ Aaron"

Aaron: "nervously" And that's impressive 'cause most people can't.

Cut to Next day:

Alex bursts into the dorm:

Mac: You good?

Alex: NO!

Mac: Why?

Alex: O just asked me out.

Mac: You guys already have nicknames.

Alex: Could you be serious for a min.

Mac: I am.

Alex: Mac!

Mac: Alright, alright, what do ya need help w/?

Alex: Outfit choice.

Mac: Yeah, guess you're right.

Alex: Hey!

Mac: Don't worry, just cast a spell.

Alex: Of course, have me dressed to impress, something not to fancy but not a mess. "casts spell"

"Alex's clothes change from bad boy to almost princely"

Mac: Wow, you look like-

Owen: "walks in" A prince.

Alex: Thanks.

Owen: Ready?

Alex: Yeah.

"Alex & Owen head out"

Mac: Good luck!

Cut to outside:

Owen: Hope you're fine w/ a-

Alex: Motorcycle, impressive.

Owen: Guessing you have this on the island?

Alex: Yeah, there's a lot of bikers on the island.

"Owen & Alex hop on the motorcycle & drive off to the spot for their date"

Alex: A picnic, how romantic.

Owen: In the Enchanted Forest as well.

Alex: Ooh. "sits down"

Owen: Quick question.

Alex: Shoot.

Owen: Did you really want to come here?

Alex: Not @ 1st, but then Mac said I could get revenge on Rocky.

Owen: You must really not like him.

Alex: Not @ all but this place isn't so bad.

Owen: Yeah, it's nice.

"Owen takes over his clothes & jumps in the water"

Alex: Going for a swim?

Owen: Yeah, comin' in?

Alex: "sarcastically" Nah, don't want the food to get cold.

Owen: Suite yourself. "swims off"

"Alex sings about how he doesn't know how to feel around Owen then notices he's missing"

Alex: O, O?

"Alex jumps in to find Owen but can't swim"

Owen: "saves Alex & brings him to shore" Can't swim?

Alex: "sarcastically" No, I just like to flap around in the water.

Owen: "stares @ Alex"

Alex: What?

Owen: Your eyes, they're so pure.

Alex: Thanks?

Owen: I look into them & see that your not evil.

Alex: "blushes"

Owen: "smirks"

Alex: I'm soaking wet & cold.

Owen: Here. "puts jacket around Alex"

Alex: Thanks.

Owen: Let's get back to campus.

"Alex & Owen head to campus"

Cut to Next day:

Owen: Knock, knock.

Alex: Hey.

Owen: It's family day today & we've got a gift for you guys.

Mac: Really?

Owen: Yeah come w/ me.

"Alex & his friends follow Owen to the computer lab"

Franny: A computer?

Owen: No, not that. "turns on computer"

"The 4 notice their grandparents on the screen"

Owen: You get to talk to your family.

Alex: What about my parents?

EQ: Oh what, don't want to talk to grammy?

Alex: Hex no.

DF: We just wanted to check up on you, wanting to know when we'd get to see you again.

Mac: Fairyday, promise.

Franny: It will be after coronation.

Nicky: Owen's coronation.

SM: Congrats.

Owen: Thanks.

EQ: See you then.

Alex: Whatever after. "shuts off computer & walks off"

Owen: What's up w/ him?

Mac: Didn't get enough sleep maybe.

"Franny & Nicky shrug"

Emily: "walks by" Al, we still gonna get grandma's wand?

Alex: I don't think-"smirks" yeah, totes.

Emily: Cool. "walks off"

Mac: "walks up" I know that face, that's your plan face.

Franny: What is it?

Alex: We're not going to break the barrier.

Nicky: What?

Alex: We'll rule Ever After w/out our grandparents. "walks off"

Mac: They're not gonna be happy.

Franny: Yep.

Owen: "eavesdropping" Taking over Ever After?

Cut to Outside:

Mac: Guessing this setup is for family day?

Alex: I would think so.

Hopper: Ah, you must be the VKs.

Franny: That's us.

Briar: Would you like to join us for croquet?

Nicky: Of course.

Alex: I don't know how to-

Nicky: You'll learn!

Alex: Hexcuse me?

Nicky: Sorry.

Hopper: C'mon, let's go.

"Hopper & Briar take them to the game"

Nicky: Yay! "runs to get a mallet"

"Mac & Franny follow"

Lady: "walks up" I don't think I've seen you around before.

Alex: I'm new here.

Lady: Ah, I see.

Rocky: "walks up" Hey grandma.

Lady: Hello, dear. "hugs Rocky"

Alex: Grandma?

Rocky: "snarky" Yeah, Snow White.

Alex: Oh.

Rocky: I don't you'd want to be around someone so evil like him.

Alex: I prefer wicked.

Snow: Why does that soun so-


Snow: Why are you so evil?

EQ: I prefer, wicked.

Snow: "sobs"


Snow: You, you're related to her!

Alex: To who?

Snow: Evil queen, you're the spawn of Satan.

Alex: Gee, thanks.

Snow: I don't wanna be anywhere near you.

Alex: Fine w/ me.

"Snow & Rocky walk away"

Owen: "walks up" What was that?

Alex: It doesn't matter. "storms off"

Cut to lunch:

"The 4 are sitting alone @ a table"

Rocky: "passes by" I don't know why he thinks they're a good match.

Aaron: Yeah, but who cares, it's not like he's gonna make a villain a king.

Alex: "gets up" Who do you think you are?

Rocky: I'm not afraid of you.

Mac: You should be.

Rocky: Shut up.

Alex: "pulls out spell book & flips through pgs. getting ready to cast spells"

Rocky: "nervously" Uh, let's go.

"Aaron & Rocky run off"

Alex: I am sooo hexcited for tomorrow.

Mac: Yeah, let's get that wand & take over Ever After.

Cut to Coronation:

"Everyone is gathered to witness Owen becoming king"

Fairy godmother: Wand, please.

"Hopper hands her the wand"

Fairy godmother: It is my honor to let you, Owen Croakington-

Mac: "snorts" Croakington.

"Franny & Nicky laugh"

Fairy godmother: become king of Ever After, I know you'll do well. "hands up wand"

"wand gets snatched & everyone gasps"

Owen: What're you doing?

Emily: Going to make myself beautiful, Alex catch! "throws wand to Alex"

"Alex catches the wand"

Owen: You don't have to do this.

Alex: But I do, Owen will no longer love me, that's how it should be! "casts spell"

Rocky: I knew it was a love spell!

Owen: Babe, you don't have to do this.

Alex: Wait, I reversed the spell?

Owen: That won't stop me from loving you.

Rocky: Are you kidding me?!

Girl: Why would you betray us, Alex?

Alex: "turns around" I'm sorry do I know you?

Girl: You should.

"girl transforms, revealing herself to be the EQ"

EQ: Did you miss me?

Alex: How'd you escape mirror prison?

EQ: Dark fairy, I'm glad froggy told me your plan on taking over Ever After w/out me.

Alex: You're right, I was gonna do that.

"Everyone gasps"

Alex: But I've change my mind, I'm going to be good now.

EQ: Hexcuse me.

Alex: Yeah, you heard me.

EQ: Give me the wand, now!

Alex: Or how about I make it impossible for you to escape mirror prison.

EQ: You wouldn't.

Alex: I would.

Mac: Do it, Al!

Alex: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! "casts spell"

"Evil queen disappears"

Aaron: How do we know she's actually there?

Alex: "pulls out mirror" Show me EQ.

"Magic mirror reveals EQ to be trapped"

Aaron: Yeah, ok.

Alex: I think this is yours. "throws wand to fairy godmother"

Fairy godmother: Thank you.

"Mac, Nicky & Franny walk towards Alex"

Alex: So are you guys?

Mac: If you are then so are we.

Franny: Uh-huh.

Nicky: Yeah.

Alex: Cool.

"Alex walks over to Emily & fairy godmother"

Alex: Don't get mad @ Emy, I told her to do that.

Fairy godmother: Thank you for being truthful.

Alex: I mean, that's what good guys do.

Owen: "runs up" C'mon let's go! "grabs Alex"

Alex: Where are we going?

Owen: You'll see.

Cut to Outside @ night:

"fireworks are going off"

Alex: It's so pretty.

Owen: So are you.

Alex: Uh?

Owen: I mean, you look nice too.

Alex: "laughs" Thanks.

"Everyone looks @ the sky & watches the fireworks"

Natalie: You didn't think that was all, right?

"Alex's eyes glow, then return to normal"



  • Alex
  • Mac Thorn
  • Nicky Hatter
  • Francine Shadowman
  • Owen Croakington
  • Briar Croakington
  • Hopper Croakington
  • Fairy Godmother
  • Rocky
  • Aaron
  • Henry
  • Emily
  • Evil Queen
  • Dark Fairy
  • Mad Hatter
  • The Shadowman
  • Natalie Page
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