This is the movie list for Off the Island


Title Number
Off The Island 1
When the Prince (soon to be king) of Ever After let's the grandkids of the most infamous villains attend school, the evil teens face a dilemma. Should they follow in their nefarious grandparents' footsteps and help all the villains regain power or embrace their innate goodness and save the kingdom?
Return to the Island 2
When the pressure to be royally perfect becomes too much for Alex, he returns to the island where his archenemy, Urchin, has taken his spot as self-proclaimed king of the place. Urchin, still resentful over not being selected by Owen, stirs his pirate gang to break the barrier and unleash all the villains imprisoned on the Isle, once and for all.


Title Number
Feary Tale 1
While searching for a lost ghoul, Fang and his friends are taken to a labyrinth were they meet some fairytale students and together, they must stop the Evil Queen who was taken over Monster High.
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