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On the Möbius
You know it's been a long day...
I haven't seen you today.
You're somewhere, I'm sure.

On the Möbius, fullname loop.d: On the Möbius, otherwise known as the loop.dverse, is an alternate universe written by Aquamarinesandopals.

The AU is directly inspired by the story of the LOONAverse, created for the girl group LOONA.


One universe, three worlds, twelve boys trying to find each other.


The story of the original LOONAverse is up to intrepretation and, as such, the events of On the Möbius are based on headcanon.

Due to interpretation being part of the charm of the LOONAverse, a lot of the On the Möbius is also open to interpretation.

This being said, a few basic elements must be understood prior to reading:

∞ The universe in question is shaped like a Möbius strip
∞ Releases are not necessarily in chronological order
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