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Opaline Glass, usually known as Opal, is a 2015 conceived and introduced character. Opaline is the next Nella from Giambattista Basile’s Verde Prato.

Opaline is in her second year at Ever After High. In the destiny conflict, Opaline sides with the Rebels.




Opaline Glass’ tagline

Opaline might not be the most well known princess in Ever After High, but by those who do know her, she is certainly one of the most liked.

In a school full of weird and wild characters, Opaline is someone happy to almost “blend in”. With her “normal” personality, principle for staying out of other people’s business, and a down to earth worldview, Opaline makes for an excellent, dedicated friend.

Her steady pace means Oplaine never seems as busy as she really is, so other students may be surprised to realise they seldom see Opaline outside of the classes they share with her. She volunteers at the local hospital and, when at school, can usually be found sitting in one of Ever After High’s many grass courtyards, soaking up the sun.

She may or may not be meeting someone in the Enchanted Forest at night and she may or may not be texting that person frequently during the day. She may or may not ask you to politely mind your own business should you ask about this.


Something about Opaline feels small. With her “normal” wants for the future, relatively unknown destiny, and a group of a few friends, one might be inclined to feel that Opaline has been “snubbed” by the school social ladder. Worry not, because Opaline much prefers things this way.

She finds a small group who are all on the same page to be better than a large group of friends where conflict can be more easily sewn, owed to her non-confrontational (and cynical) principles. Opaline doesn’t like to argue with people unless she feels she has to, which isn’t to say she puts up with behaviour she disagrees with, but rather that as a moral, person who values the calm, Opaline would simply not befriend people with whom she has “base breaking” disagreements with.

Still, non-confrontational as she may be, do not mistake this for a lack of opinion or a lack of humour. Her opinions and humour often come together with her quick wit and cynicism to make many a fond, sarcastic comment towards her friends. Opaline is more than fluent in classic eye-rolling and smirking.

Her selective nature with friends should make it come as no surprise that Opaline highly values her personal time and chooses to spend it with fewer people she can dedicate herself to more meaningfully, the result of Opaline having so little free time between school, friends, and the volunteer work she does.

It could be this lack of free time that results in Opaline seeming so sleepy so often, one of the few hints that lets on she is rather busy, contrary to her steady pace. It could also be her preoccupation with texting a certain someone and their rumoured meet-ups in the Enchanted Forest every other night. Who knows?

Opaline does, and Opaline firmly denies the latter and insists otherwise. Since she is so trustworthy, most people tell Opaline that they believe her when met with her insistence. She stays out of people’s business well, so most people are inclined to stay out of hers, despite the… obvious suspicion.

Hobbies and interests



Fairy tale – Verde Prato

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How does Opaline fit into it?

Nella in Verde Prato







Opaline has a pet nightingale.


Class-ic schedule





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