Dont you dare treat me less of a human. Do I look like a wild animal to you?

Otsana Lupe is a 2014 introduced all around character. She is the hyperactive yet calm daughter of Bisclavret, or the Werewolf, from the story of the same name. She may seem like a threat at first glance, but dont worry, she doesnt bite. Unless, you take her jacket off her. She sides with the royals, but embraces the beast before the beauty.



Otsana is hyperactive yet calm. She can get frisky, yet she can stay still. She can be described as someone who has two personalities.

Since being part werewolf, she shares her father's canine traits. But she can keep her manners in order, rarely ever 'wolfing' something down; unless its meat, of course. 

Otsana desires to be able to balance her life as a wolf as with being human. Being a werewolf is not at all a secret. At first glance, everyone could tell she was part canine. Due to being a werewolf, she is much feared by everyone. Especially the students who are destined to be other animals in their stories. 

She gets the feedback of everyone, and tries to keep her distance from the crowd. Aside from her looks, she is indeed a royal. But, of course, there is one thing she would change. She wants to be treated as more than an animal. 


Otsana has a dark tone of skin color, brown messy hair and dark brown eyes. She has wolf-like pointed ears, like Cerise, but Otsana's is more pronounced and furrier. Otsana has dark blood red lips, showing her fangs. She also has long sharp wolf claws for nails. She sports a long furry wolf tail, that is sometimes there but sometimes not. 

Story- Bisclavret




I Know I am A Wolf

I Know I am A Wolf

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