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hi!! im patch, im 15, from the usa (we stan idaho) and am a giant mess hbu. i like arting and shipping and hghghgh idk but what i do know is that i love this wiki and i have no idea how to write about myself so haahahahahAHA lets move on,, pls

my ocs!

linked mean page is up, not linked means theyll be coming soon to a theater near u 

adelaide medison

  • hahahhhah did u get it,,,, the surname, hahhaaha,,,, aaaaa 
  • yeha i know its not that funny shut up
  • fights classism and ignorance of the importance of mental health
  • huge theater kid
  • v opinionated
  • protest

allemande en l'air

  • dancing princess who cant do 2 things: 1 dance and 2 make her parents happy
  • nothing she does is good enough so she just shuts everyone out 
  • shes actually such a sad bab guys someone pls help

angeline "angie" patchwork

  • bubbly, fun, excitable, oblivious sack of sunshine
  • has an awful embedded concept of her own worth but still is happy if u r yeee
  • seriously just wants u to be happy pls,

charlie djurisk

  • egotistical beefcake who thinks hes the best even tho hes a jerk w anger issues
  • but hey hes popular
  • hates on gays but is dating a dude??? talk about internal conflict 
  • nothing like tackling toxic masculinity :,))) what am i doing
  • god i need to update his page


  • loves animals
  • not a huge fan of ppl
  • esp not his neglectful dad hAH

evilynne eastwood

  • her mum dead pls guys
  • she just wants ppl to like her cmon
  • tries so hard to be nice
  • best hair 2k19

flicker feyrin

  • insecure lightning bug whos got the wrong sleep schedule
  • fish out of water  
  • can make one mean robot
  • thats rIGHT shes a firefly fairy 
  • @ hidden i will do ur feyrins justice istg

felix infernigann

  • troublemaker
  • dad is too busy for him so hes makin a mess bc attention
  • tattoos: too many 
  • rlly wants to be tough and evil
  • is actually a rlly silly kid who wants a childhood w his pap

ozimina ambrozia

  • introverted as heckie
  • wants to be a hella queen
  • for the people yall
  • did someone say sparkly tulle
  • she does not stan losing her memory soon

stately "soft" charming

  • a fem boy but his dad does not support 
  • his mum did but shes recently died
  • just wants to be himself and loves his dad but doesnt know how to get him to understand
  • tfw when ur a charming aND ur charming 
  • starbursts

goldy ryba

  • if u know u know
  • id say rip but he lives on forever
  • no hes not getting a page hes too powerful for that

i think im missing someone

  • rip oc that never lived
  • i came back to edit this page and didnt remember forgetting this oc
  • imagine being forgotten twice im
  • now thats rough
  • serioulsy every time i edit this page i cant remember who this is wtf
  • guys it was heckin tobi hare i
  • yeah hes not coming back sorry

my art to-do list!

i literally cant remember i have requests or art trades for the life of me so they go here


  • adelaide's design contest (all full color)
    • 3rd place: sola
      • bust: logan merlynum 
    • 2nd place: spades (not requested yet)
      • bust: 
      • full body: 
    • 1st place: sam (not requested yet)
      • bust:
      • full body:
      • full body w bg: 

art trades:

  • w spades: obsidian tunnel
  • w coral: lancey du lac


  • requests feb 2k19
      • melancholy trio (everett + glaucio + kaden) for na (dtb uploaded)
    • updated blake von dark for shadows
    • (thalia farrow for shadows)
      • celeste charming for cerise (tb uplaoded)
    • (charles de rochefort for cerise)
    • lelio colombo for nibs
    • nino for coral
    • retina quickeye for checker
      • bernard pendragon for zena (sketched)
    • todd blanc-charming for grimms
  • holidays 2k18
    • melinda templeton for cerisefan03 (sketched)
  • blocky styles 2k18
    • (arya nights??? for cow)
    • (owlivia horn??? for cow)
  • spread the love 2k18
    • aj charming for shadow (im stupid i drew this and i lost it hfjsdk)
    • edison axeman for bird (aLSO did this one and lost it oof)
  • fully colored headshots
    • scythe sasin for scythe sasin
    • marissa stahlbaum for luigi
    • anteros princely for rai
    • (gracie goose for bel???)
    • (charlene fairy??? for lily??)

things i wanna do just cuz

  • trixi + adelaide
  • g liberty southspell for spades
  • full body full color peyton brown for airy
  • all my ocs i neglect them 
    • actually tho: full color full body refs for all my ocs
      • to do:
        • allemande en l'air 
        • angeline patchwork, new design (inked)
        • classified, new design
        • felix infernigann (design to be finalized)
        • flicker feyrin (design to be finalized)
        • perouze poll (design to be finalized)
        • soft charming (to be designed)
      • done: 
        • adelaide medison
        • charlie djurisk
        • evilynne eastwood
        • ozimina ambrozia
  • i always want to draw damon and london lets be real guys cmon
  • swedish meatball trio
  • opal and adelaide bc nurse
    • every nurse w adelaide bc nurse
  • all the draws all ur ocs are lovely
  • seriously someone stop me from making another art request blog 

huh i think thats all i wanna do with my driver page until i draw myself and get some more art on here,,, im getting new glasses so that pic of me is gonna be hella and u know it. update: i got new glasses and they are in fact hella.

k peace outa

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