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hi!! im patch, im 15, from the usa (we stan idaho) and love all u guys < 3

my art to-do list!

i literally cant remember i have requests or art trades for the life of me so they go here


  • adelaide's design contest (all full color)
    • 2nd place: spades (not requested yet)
      • bust: 
      • full body: 
    • 1st place: sam (not requested yet)
      • bust:
      • full body:
      • full body w bg: 

art trades

  • w spades: obsidian tunnel
  • w coral: lancey du lac

things i wanna do just cuz

  • trixi + adelaide
  • g liberty southspell for spades
  • swedish meatball trio
  • opal and adelaide bc nurse
    • every nurse w adelaide bc nurse
  • all the draws all ur ocs are lovely
  • seriously someone stop me from making another art request blog 

oc designs

  • done: 
    • adelaide medison
    • angeline patchwork
    • charlie djurisk
    • evilynne eastwood
    • ozimina ambrozia
  • to do:
    • allemande en l'air 
    • classified
    • felix infernigann 
    • flicker feyrin 
    • perouze poll
    • peyton brown
    • soft charming

huh i think thats all i wanna do with my driver page until i draw myself and get some more art on here,,, im getting new glasses so that pic of me is gonna be hella and u know it. update: i got new glasses and they are in fact hella.

k peace outa

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