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Peaches Hanami is Momotaro's daughter. She is Neutral due to wanting to follow her destiny but also wants to do more than just help.


Peaches has short black hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. She wears a pink kimono with peach patterns and pink stockings. She is usually wearing pink slippers.


Peaches is a sweet and innocent girl. She often will overlook the evil and good aspects of a person solely to help, and she rarely discriminates. Many say she gets into trouble for this but her heart of gold makes up for it.

She has a crush on her Roommate but she is too shy to admit it.


Peaches is an only child. Her father is often traveling but they love each other very much.

She has a crush on her Best Friend and Roommate Duck.


  • Her last name means "flower viewing".
  • She is homoflexible.
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