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I'm not crazy
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Hi I'm Jewels and I sometimes write on here I guess?? So in 2015-2017 I lied about my name, age, birthday [and even about having a sister] online, probably because I was caught up in my own fantasy back then. So if you look at my characters and see them under "'Lily's' OC's" that's why. That's why I like going by Jewels online now lmao. Count both as a pseudonym bc apparently people actually use Lily as a nickname for my real name (I just searched it up).


  • Birthday: November 21
  • Star Sign: Scorpio


Here are some things I like doing but am terrible at:

  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • Playing instruments
  • Writing poems


FORMAT: [side] Name - Child of [parents] - Destined story - Destined role; Bold indicates the character is undergoing a revamp

Current Characters

Icon-Royal Royals

  • Glassica Dymond - Daughter of the Princess and Boots - The Princess on the Glass Hill - The Princess
  • Cassandra Claus - Daughter of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus - Christmas stories - Santa Claus
  • Early Demise - Daughter of the Devil - Various stories - The Devil
  • Ivan Dorf - Son of a Snow White dwarf and a Christmas elf - Snow White and Christmas stories - Christmas elf
  • Adrianna Broth - Biological daughter of Buttercup and adoptive daughter of the witch - Buttercup - The witch
  • Desiree Beau - Daughter of Désirs - Fairer-than-a-Fairy - Désirs
  • Priscilla Pea II - Daughter of the Princess and the Prince - The Princess and the Pea/The Frog Prince - The Princess

Icon-Rebel Rebels

  • Talia September - Daughter of the seventh fairy and an unknown wizard - Sleeping Beauty - The seventh fairy
  • Shelby Kelpfrey - Daughter of the Little Mermaid's eldest sister - The Little Mermaid - The Little Mermaid's eldest sister
  • Ivory Shu - Daughter of the Golden Nosed Albino Rat - Journey to the West - The Golden Nosed Albino Rat
  • Chun Hua - Daughter of Hua Mulan - Ballad of Hua Mulan - Hua Mulan
  • Arianna Gold - Daughter of Marigold - King Midas and the Golden Touch - King Midas

Upcoming Characters

  • Icon-Royal Dou Qingxia (Summer Dou 窦清夏) - Daughter of a distant descendant of Dou Xianniang - Ballad of Hua Mulan - Dou Xianniang
  • Icon-Rebel Asher September - Son of the seventh fairy and an unknown wizard - Sleeping Beauty - Avoided his destiny of becoming the seventh fairy


  • My friends think I'm insane
  • I'm obsessed w/ Starbucks
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