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Penelope Von Pea
Penelope Von Pea

Chapter 1 A Royal Decision

" You can do this Penelope ! " , he says staring in to my emerald eyes .

I cry and weep and shook my head .

" No pa ! I won't ! What if I don't want to follow mother's foot steps ? "

" You ,my lovely Penelope shall always be known as the Royal you are  ! "

" Rebelling against destiny is foolish thing to do . "

" Embrace it ! Some don't even have one . " , he continued as I fiddled with the ends of my dark brown hair .

" Well that's all I'll say .... tell me when you make up your mind . You have an event to get ready for " , and off he went

" I - I'll do this ! " , I told my pa , looking him in the eye .

He smiles and walks out the bedroom door .

Or will I ? .... I wondered , thinking of my future next in line .

Meet The Charmings <3

Okay , okay .

I'll admit for now that I might have a crush on a Charming but well I'm not the only one !

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