Anyone Need a Savior?

I Pierce Savior, first-born son of the Savior Kingdom, has come to serve at my second year at Ever After High. Honestly, I have no destiny, at least that is want everyone thinks, so I have to keep being myself. As my father says:"Be a Savior".

Picture that: your father pushing you to your limit, your little sister making you play with you, and you have to be nice to everyone, just in case they are someone important in your story.

Let me start from the first day,

Once apon a time...

Chapter 1

"No, Pierce... I don't want you to go, who will I play with? Who will be my big brother?" My little sister Taffeta said with tears in her eyes and one rolling down her cheek, "Don't worry you will have lots of friends at your Daycare" I said, hugging her tightly, I was going to miss her fairy much, even though she aways makes me play with her. "PIERCE!!!" My father yelled, "Oohhh, your in trouble!" Taffeta said, slightly smiling.

When I found my father he didn't look mad, "Did that make her stop crying?" my father said, quiet enough so Taffeta wouldn't hear, "Yes, it did, great job dad!" I whispered, and then winked and pretended to be gloomy and when I got back to the dining room, Taffeta was just giggling.

I got into my Hybrid Carriage and drove away from my kingdom, and after forever after, I was at Ever After High and got out of my carriage and went to the Charmitorium for the Headmaster's Speech, the entire time he was just blabbing, so when it was over, we did a little group tour, there were three groups: Royals, Some people like Maddie, and Villains...

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