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Pirouette Dancer
Character Profile
Parent Story The 12 Dancing Princesses
Alignment Icon-Royal Royal
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Dancing to Destiny

Mother said I'd be with my eleven cousins and things would be easy. Father said it wouldn't be that easy. But hey! I'd make new friends, dance to a new chapter of my life! Luckily, I had my cousin Minuette right there with me. Still, that was scary. Ever After High was a school for the most popular fairy tales ever after! What would I do? I'm just one of the twelve dancing princesses. Oh my sweet Grimm!

Chapter 1

It was my fairy first day at Ever After High - and for Grimm's sake, I was so scared! It was so weird to be somewhere new, where I'd learn how to follow my mother's dance steps and spin into my destiny to be the next 11th dancing princess. I have been introduced to my roommate, Brangwen Von Dark, who was going to be the next villain of Swan Lake. She was a royally scary girl, I must say, with all that dark makeup and big doe eyes - but she was quite beautiful and I kinda wanted to approach her.

My cousin Minuette told me it'd be alright, and she'd be waiting for me for the presentation with Headmaster Grimm and the other students. I sighed and took my purse, nervous and going to the principal room at the big school - fairy godmother, how wouldn't I get lost over there?!

I suddenly bumped into a beautiful girl with dark rose hair and Grimm, how clumsy I am! She would have fallen down if I didn't grab her by the waist and put her up again. She looked at me with her big, bluish green eyes.

"I'm so sorry!" She softly spoke as I smiled. "I'm Dainty Kissington, nice to meet you!"

I gladly shook her hand and introduced myself, and soon I saw myself starting to be Dainty's best friend forever after, as well as she started to be my BFFA!

Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5


Chapter 6


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