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I live to serve Lady Eira.
Praxton, explaining his purpose

Praxton Everest [he/him] is a 2020-introduced/all-around fiction-only character. He is the son of a Snow Fairy from the Russian ballet The Nutcracker, and currently attends Ever After High in his Legacy Year. In the destiny conflict, Praxton is a Neutral because



Praxton is a kind, helpful, polite and always serious person. While serving the other members of the Shivers family, he often did not talk much, only providing important information to others if they asked. Unlike most members of the family, Praxton seems to be very sympathetic and sensitive to others.

This often extends to his behavior around Eira, but much further than that. Praxton is the only one of the clan who can fully tolerate Eira. He is very smart, knowing all of Eira's tricks and manipulation techniques.

He isn't someone who is scared very easily, which is shown as he is friends with one of the deadliest bullies.


Praxton has a tall, slender build, light blue eyes, unnaturally white and pale skin like freshly fallen snow. He has a birthmark of a very detailed snowflake on his right pec. His black hair has a platinum gradient to it.

Fairytale – The Nutcracker

How the Story Goes

The Nutcracker

How does Praxton come into it?

Praxton is the only son of one of the dancing Snow Fairies.



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Jaiden Wocky

It was unexpected, as the two boys are absolute opposites, much like himself and Eira. But lucky for them both, Praxton isn't easily scared, as he deals with Eira for years now. To everyone surprise, they got along very well.

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Praxton has a snow bunny named Eirlys. He got her on his birthday and she was a gift from the Shivers family.


Eira Shivers

Eira and Praxton have known each other since they were children, when Praxton began serving Eira as her personal servant.


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  • Praxton is inspired by Rei Batsubami from Kakegurui.
  • Eirlys means "snowdrop".
    • Eirlys was named after Eira.


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