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What is the use of living if you remain stagnant?
the high-key stressed one says

Qing Ting-An (or An-an, which only Addy is allowed to call her) is the successor of princess Makemnoit from “The Light Princess”. As the next villain of the story, Ting is as knowledgeable and passionate as Princess Makemnoit is known to be. Unfortunately, she also knows what love is, unlike her predecessor, and finds it difficult to curse the Light Kingdom to a definite period of drought. Ting identifies as a roybel, someone who is stuck between both sides of the conflict.



The first thing people notice about Qing Ting-An is her quiet charisma. While Ting avoids making loud public displays and campaigns, one can see her passion for fairytale children’s rights when she speaks. Eloquent and persuasive, she is capable of swaying even professor Rumpelstiltskin from giving detentions to the three billy goat kids.

This is not to say, however, that Ting is a person who only makes flowery speeches. Far from it. Ting tends to be an impatient person, and she is outraged at the injustices in the world, where some fairytale children have to go through horrific human rights violations because of their story, or even worse, without any reason. Ting sees herself as the stalwart defender, a knight, who fights with words against the injustices that happen to her charges.

This self-confidence (almost bordering on arrogance, really) is not unwarranted. Ting was gifted with a razor sharp wit and a silver tongue, and raised in an environment which encouraged her to learn as much as possible in order to prepare her for her role, she grew up expecting only the best results from herself and people around her. Under the tutelage of the philosophers, she also learnt to be discerning (judgemental) of others.

In her formative years, Ting believed that she was the only person who had common sense in the kingdom, but as she matured, she recognised her flaws, and began to demand the best from herself too. An introspective person, Ting aims for constant self improvement. She recognises that her judgemental nature is unfair to people around her and that her privilege makes her life much easier than others.

While Ting does try to actively fight against her instinctual criticisms, she has difficulty changing her preconceptions, especially in the blind spots of her personality. (She refuses to admit this, but one reason for her difficulty is that she is quite proud of her discerning judgement, and finds it hard to accept that her opinion is wrong).

This is one reason why Ting can be prone to making assumptions about events and people despite (or maybe especially because of) her usual logic and coherence. She subconsciously links observations, and she's confident enough to trust the conclusions drawn. Ting's brilliant enough that her assumptions are usually in the ballpark, but there are instances where she mistakes the situation and makes some major gaffes.

Unfortunately, while Ting at least recognises that she shouldn’t impose her high standards on people around her, she doesn’t seem to be aware that her perfectionism is detrimental to her personal wellbeing (or she rationalises that she can handle the demands). As a result, Ting occasionally experiences periods of burning out when she feels like she hasn’t made progress, and the responsibility falls on her cousin, Addy, to take her mind off work.

Ultimately, what one can say about Ting-An is that she tries. She tries her best in every endeavour she applies herself to and strives for constant self-improvement. Is this healthy? Not necessarily, but as long as she accomplishes her goals, she’s content.



Ting is passionate about the protection of children in fairytales. She keeps an eye out for fairytales who are supposed to be bullied during childhood. Ashlynn Ella might pretend that she’s fine with her destiny, but her remorseful gaze into the forest says the opposite. Growing up, Ting witnessed how the king and queen firmly rejected the court philosophers’ cruel suggestions on how to cure Addy’s curse, and learned that one should not harm kids.

When she learned that her destiny involved causing a drought in the kingdom and causing babies to lose the ability to cry, she was upset and guilty. These feelings intersected and drove her into advocacy, which the queen encouraged (and the king financially supported). The philosophers didn’t support Ting slacking on her studies but let her be, since the monarchs support her ventures. Addy doesn’t follow Ting’s cause, but tags along because she finds the activities fun and that Ting needs her help.

She thinks that destiny is flexible (because of her own and how it’s been carried out for her), and that what counts as “fulfilling the story” is up to interpretation. Hence, she thinks that violence against the innocent is unnecessary, and there should be a committee in charge, or that society should change so that children do not suffer in stories.

Hair braiding

On a more light-hearted note, Ting is talented with her fingers and (tries to) teach Addy how to tie knots. Forming a friendship with Ting includes lots of hair braiding and late night slumber talks on how to overthrow the authorities (or at the very least, discussions about ethical consumption and how to make it practical). Ting dislikes how braids dont's show up as well on her hair because it's dark, and is considering bleaching and dyeing it -- however, she's quite traditional and is conflicted about the thought of doing any modifications to herself.


Ting also tries to spare some time to watch debates in Ever After High, though since Raven Queen’s rebellion, the topics and arguments have become stale. She often finds herself engaging with unplanned debates with people she disagrees with, and get's annoyed when the other party (justifiably) doesn't follow debate etiquette.

Ting is also an active member of Ever After Debate Society, especially in the second division, and enjoys taking her frustrations out by sparring debating with other folks in a formal setting.


While Ting loves philosophical arguments and debates, she’s also very interested in magic. Even though Ting isn’t innately powerful like Faybelle Thorn or Raven Queen, she’s capable of using tools to help accomplish her goals — keys to unlock the possibility of magic, rust to catalyse the magical reaction, a bowl of water as a medium to focus her intent (and more). She carries the keys (rusted on the inside to reduce the risk of tetanus) as accessories and the other ingredients in small sachets.

School Clubs

TFW you're a member of the student council by proxy despite not running because your cousin doesn't do shit and you help her do stuff instead. Given that Ting is known for her responsibility, Addy's student council mates have added Ting to their planning committee. While Addy can be a good friend and probably got into the student council on nepotism, she does things half-way and it's usually up to Ting to either help get her on task, or take over her duties.

Ting is also a member of [Socialite Club]. Exclusive group with tutoring services? Connections to the privileged and elite? Spell yes Ting is going to be in on this. She initially joined the group to gain supporters for the causes she's involved in, but finds herself enjoying rubbing elbows with the rich and royal more than expected.


Honestly, Ting only looks tall because of her ponytail. Her height is actually pretty average. As the next princess Makemnoit, Ting has a large forehead and colour-changing eyes which reflect her mood. Since she feels uncomfortable revealing her emotions to others, she wears brown coloured contacts. However, the contacts do not entirely hide the colour blue (which occurs when she’s angry).

  • Wearing contacts constantly also gives Ting dry eyes
  • Her  contacts are prescription, as Ting has pretty bad vision from reading too many books in low lighting as a child.

Ting’s also pretty tanned, since she often follows Addy out to the lake. However, she isn’t muscular like Addy because she doesn’t exercise as much. She also has a comparatively large forehead, which earned her the nickname “egghead” amongst some folk who dislike her.

Fairy tale – The Light Princess

Full text: The Light Princess

How the Story Goes

A king and queen had a daughter after many years, and the king forgot to invite his sister, Princess Makemnoit, to the christening. Unfortunately, Princess Makemnoit was a malicious and clever woman.

She was a sour, spiteful creature. The wrinkles of contempt crossed the wrinkles of peevishness, and made her face as full of wrinkles as a pat of butter.

(...) But what made it highly imprudent in the king to forget her was that she was awfully clever. In fact, she was a witch; (...) she beat all the wicked fairies in wickedness, and all the clever ones in cleverness.

Excerpts taken from “the Light Princess”

And so, without an invitation in hand, she arrived at the chapel and cursed the princess to lose her gravity.

“Light of spirit, by my charms,
Light of body, every part,
Never weary human arms—
Only crush thy parents’ heart!”

As the princess grew up, she never cried, and was unable to see the seriousness of situations. With her lack of gravity and gravitas, the princess brought trouble to all.

The King and Queen refused to adopt the unscrupulous solutions recommended by the court philosophers, Hum-Drum and Kopy-Keck. Even so, they soon learnt that the princess regained her gravity in water. This led to a proposal that the princess' curse would be broken if she cried.

In the meantime, a prince came across the princess swimming. Thinking that she drowning, he tried to rescue her but ended up scolded by the princess. The prince fell in love with her, but realised that he could never marry her the way she was out of water. They often went swimming in the lake.

When Princess Makemnoit learnt that the princess loved the lake, she set to drain it, as well as all water in nature.

The next day there was no sound of falling water to be heard along the borders of the lake.
(...) And not alone had the fountains of mother Earth ceased to flow; for all the babies throughout the country were crying dreadfully--only without tears.

As the lake drained, the princess became sickly and despondent. To stop the lake from drying up, a living man had to block the hole the water was escaping from

The prince volunteered to be the sacrifice, but demanded a condition: he wanted the princess to accompany him while the lake fills up.

Though the princess was initially unfeeling, she became desperate after realising that the prince would die. In panic, and without regard for the lake, the princess saved the prince when he was about to drown. She brought him to her old nurse, who was a wise woman.

When the prince finally awoke the next day, the princess fell to the floor and cried. The curse was broken and it rained, filling the kingdom once more with water. Princess Makemnoit died when lake water flooded the cave she lived in

Ting’s views on her story

Ting doesn’t really want to follow her destiny and drain the lake (an the kingdom) of water, because she knows this will greatly impact people in the kingdom (she’s essentially causing a drought). Furthermore, following her destiny means she would be preventing babies from crying, which causes serious physiological impact. Ting might also die in her story, but tbh she’s confident in her skills to save herself.

However, the return of water into the Light Kingdom is an important diplomatic event (as well as holiday), and the kingdom‘s economy has adapted to be dependant on the timely droughts, so by refusing to follow her destiny, Ting might damage the kingdom’s institutions and structures. Raised to be grateful to the royal family and the kingdom, Ting feels conflicted about the stance she should take. The final, and arguably most important, factor in Ting’s deliberation is that Addy herself wants to go through the story. If the titular character wants to go through with the story, who is Ting to stand in her way?

  • this won’t, however, stop her from finding ways to twist the words so that her spell won’t have as much damage


  • high/low-key, (Princess Makemnoit used keys to carry out her magic)
  • rust/rusty at things, ditto^
  • Princess Makemnoit has “a forehead (that) was as large as all the rest of her face, and projected over it like a precipice” as well as colour-changing eyes. Ting has both these qualities.

Name parallels: Ting-An’s name is written as 婷安, which means “graceful peace”. Her name can also be read as 停暗, which means “stop dark”, or 停安, “stop peace”. These two interpretations contrast or support Makemnoit (make dark). Fitting for a roybel.

Ting’s surname is Qing (轻), which means light (ie, not heavy)! Qing Ting also means dragonflies, which contrasts Addy’s butterflies HAHA


  • A face claim for Ting could be Ni Ni, an actress!
    Nini ting faceclaim

    Ting’s faceclaim!

  • Ting's actual date of birth is unknown, given that she was adopted when she was 2 years old. The birthday she uses, 31 March, is actually the date she was brought into the Lagobel
  • idk if I’ve pointed this out explicitly, but Ting is very critical and judgemental, as much as she wants to be a good person. So she often makes (logical) assumptions and guesses and is convinced that she’s right without double checking.
  • Ting is oddly fond of snakes and thinks that they have an undeserved bad rep for animals as lazy as them.
  • She’s an INFJ

Specific things she likes:

  • The smell of new books or old books. The smell of books in particular.
  • Color-coded notes and binders
  • Ginger tea, or any type of tea actually. Ting is partial too Oolong tea too. Unfortunately, she's not particularly good at brewing tea. She always lets the tea bag/ ingredients sit for too long, and the tea becomes too strong.
  • the feeling of winning (at life, generally) — she's proud and this fuels her ego

Specific things she dislikes:

  • People who disagree with her without offering solid arguments/ proofs
  • Ting dislikes being looked down upon.
  • The sound of people crying. Ting would either put down everything she's doing to immediately comfort the person or she'ld leave the room. Ting also hates it when she cries. She's a silent crier, but it'll feel like her chest is burning and she hates that feeling.

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