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Quinn Löwe-Weiss (she/her) is a 2015-introduced and all-around character, but her full revamp occured in 2019.

W-Well, that doesn't s-sound good...

Fact or Fiction?: Quinn Löwe-Weiss

Written by Oma Boulos

Next up on the investigative agenda, it’s time to dive deep into the mind of one of our resident inventors!

Several years ago, the Löwe-Weiss merger was the talk of the town! Being families with a rich history of legacies, people wondered how well their child would fulfill whatever role they were assigned. However, I can honestly say that most of those people must be seriously disappointed by who we got.

My dear readers, this… is Fact or Fiction?, and today, we’ll go through all the things that make this Rebel tick.

All About Quinn

Personality: The Good, The Bad, and the Chronically Anxious

The Löwe family has always been known for its collection of reckless heirs, one that blaze bright paths in politics and athletics alike. The Weiss family, on the other hand, has been associated with eloquence and academic talent for generations!

… and then there’s Quinn.

Now, I’m not saying she’s not smart! Far from it! Her records on the grades front have always been nothing to sneeze at. Her interest in inventing is essentially the world’s worst-kept secret, after all, and you can’t make robots as good as she does without having a few brain cells. But acting like she isn’t the ugly duckling of both families is a disservice to both her and everyone she meets.

The first thing most people notice about Quinn is how polite she is. (That is, if you can even understand what she’s saying.) She stumbles through formalities with the grace of a rampaging bull elephant, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that the formalities are there. For better or for worse, she defaults to outdated forms of etiquette whenever she finds herself in new social situations.

There’s no denying that Quinn is introverted! Her timidity is visible to anyone who cares to look, and it shows even more in the fact that she’s usually by herself. It’s not uncommon to see her flee from environments with too many people; Quinn clearly takes solace in peace and quiet.

However, that doesn’t make her a rude individual! Most call her sweet, saying that she never has a rude word to say about anyone unless they’re mean to her first. Even then, she only tends to speak out against those people when prompted. Really, how could anyone see her as not kind?

Yes, she’s awkward. Yes, she’s not good at social interaction. Yes, she stutters through everything. There’s no changing the truth on those scores.

And, yeah, maybe she is a disappointing heir! The fact that she simply doesn’t meet expectations is undeniable. But that doesn’t mean she lacks value as a person.

Quinn Löwe-Weiss isn’t much of a Löwe or a Weiss. Perhaps she is something entirely new!

Interests: Of Rusted Gears and Broken Bows

Due to her shy nature, it’s really tricky to get reliable information on what stuff she likes. After all, everyone knows she’s incredibly dull, so why would anyone care to find out?

With the help of some nice people, and my usual digging, I was able to find sizable evidence supporting her engaging in a grand total of two (2) hobbies! That’s like… bigger than one! Wow!

If you have evidence of her doing more stuff, just hit me up so I can expand on this section! (Please do, actually. I’m desperate.)

Playing the Violin

If you paid a lick of attention to the included interview, then you knew this was coming. If not, then… why? I trusted you, dear reader. Look at all the time, all the energy I invest in these articles. Do I get pay? Respect? Free access to restricted areas in the school? Absolutely not! And yet, here I am, only asking for you to read a short interview and a few sections. Heck, I even let you people vandalize my work, and this is the thanks I get?!?

This has been a hypothetical conversation with your beloved writer, Oma Boulos.

Anyway, Quinn enjoys Muse-ic immensely, and that translates to a passion for the violin. Why does she play? What is she best at? All of these questions have unknown answers. However, we do know that she’s at an intermediate level, and that her playing skills diminish when she has an audience. So maybe think twice about inviting her to the orchestra, okay?


Quinn’s other love? Robotics. A STEM kid from head to toe, she’s been tinkering with gears since her very first day one year ago! Trust me. I know. One of them went rampage and smashed my phone. It was new. I’m still kinda angry about it. I mean, I never really got closure, and she never apologized, though I guess maybe she didn’t know. Still though, if one of your little bots goes berserk, shouldn’t you make sure nothing was damaged? Isn’t that negligent-

… Woah! Sorry! Got a little heated there. I guess I’m still really angry about it! Haha, I’m such a riot. But enough about me! Back to Quinn!

Quinn has been noted to describe herself as a transhumanist, albeit without any elaboration. Additionally, it’s been mentioned once or twice that she dreams of making inventions that can help people.

Frankly, the subject’s a little too technical for my tastes, but to each their own! Everyone’s got something.

Appearance: Is That You, Clark Kent?

If you look past the red glasses and hunched shoulders, there’s no denying how pretty this girl isn’t!

The first thing most notice about her is her height. She can’t really help being 4’11, of course, but it does make her stand a little among her taller comrades in her hero classes. She’s petite too, which matches the whole frail image she has going on. Sure, there’s a teeny bit of muscle there, but it’s not that noticeable. Who’d even care?

Her hair’s all short and frizzy; it looks super soft to the touch! Almost all of it’s a dirty blonde color, except for a bold streak of white through a few of the locks on the right side. Rumor has it it’s a shock lock, though how she could have gotten it is beyond me!

The red glasses I mentioned before frame striking hazel eyes, not that many people ever pay attention to them. Beyond a few moles and a light tan, she doesn’t have many distinct features. For a prince, she really does blend in to the background. Maybe one day, you’ll get your shot to be Superman. I wouldn’t count on it though, if I were you.

A Look Into Her Tale

A lesser known Grimm story, Quinn’s the next in a long line of nobles who got to play the prince part in The Prince Who Feared Nothing, also known as The King’s Son Who Feared Nothing, if you’re boring.

During the course of her tale, she’ll face giants, temporary blindness, and aggravated assault by tiny demons with the help of a dedicated animal companion, all for the sake of true love. How romantic!

Of course, one of the biggest conditions is that the protagonist must be a brave soul, and Quinn is anything but that. Is it any wonder she sees herself as a Rebel? Her family’s gotta be super down about it.

Born to the last ‘prince’ (her mother) and ‘cursed princess’ (her father), her very own cursed princess was recently assigned to her, but I don’t think they’ve interacted much… Darn! Oh well! I’m sure they’ll meet each other before destiny calls.

Relationships: … Well. This Is Awkward.

Would you believe me if I told you I don’t know who this girl interacts with beyond her bully? At all? Total bummer, right?

Hell, even he wasn’t available for comment. He blew me off! Plus, you don’t have to be hurtful, you know! I don’t even look like Dorothy Gale…

… Anyway, where was I?

If you have any information on Quinn’s relationships, good or otherwise, please let me know!

To Conclude

In conclusion, Quinn Löwe-Weiss isn’t about to win any charisma awards, but she’s harmless. Honestly, it’s funny if you think about it, but… Since she’s so unpopular, I didn’t have anything to disprove! There’s no real fiction about her, simply because she’s not the type to be involved in scandals.

I sort of wish I had someone else to write about.

Anyway, as I said before, if you have credible information on things like her relationships or interests, feel free to shoot me an email! I’m literally always available. Blondie doesn’t let me sleep. Please help me.

Thank you for reading Fact or Fiction?, and have a nice day!


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Many would consider Quinn to be a person who cares a lot about other people.

Many would be wrong.

The misconception arises from the fact that she’s a painfully polite individual; she always strives to use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ at the right times and places. This would be commendable if it was a trait that belonged to anyone else, but her so-called empathetic nature is torn to shreds when you realize said etiquette is merely a defense mechanism.

See, the truth is that Quinn’s awfully paranoid. As someone who is both incredibly superstitious and anxious around other people, she does not trust easy, and hates interacting with people for long. Therefore, she acts politely to others so people don’t engage with her for longer than necessary, while still maintaining a favorable impression of her in their heads.

Shocked? You should be. After all, who would suspect such an innocent girl of such a rude act? That’s all part of how she protects herself from hurt.

Afraid of being abandoned, Quinn has resolved the issue by isolating herself from others. While that does make her incredibly lonely, she’s reasoned it as being necessary to shield herself from those who’d gladly take advantage of her vulnerabilities.

Unfortunately, due to her inability to socialize with others properly, she’s the target of a mostly subtle bullying campaign. The maltreatment leads her to angrily sulk, but she’s never once sought help from the faculty in regards to this. It’s no doubt out of a lack of trust.

Above all else, Quinn prides herself on being logical. Since even she’d describe herself as cowardly, she compensates for a lack of bravery with rational thought. A love of academics has blossomed into a genuine passion for STEM, especially the engineering aspects. One could say that she latches on to strengths that lie in direct opposition to her apparent weaknesses.

All in all, while she comes off as a sweet individual, she only holds compassion for those who are close to her. Only time will tell if anyone can ever claim that at our humble establishment.

Out of every person with a prince role attending the school right now, Quinn’s one of the people who stand out the least in comparison.

Her hair can be best described as frizz. It’s cut short, ending far above her shoulders. The coloration is a dirty blonde, though the decent-sized streak of white often draws the eye before the rest. It’s often pushed down by a worn hat, one that bears a flashy red apple pin.

Said pin matches her red glasses, which contrast her hazel eyes rather nicely. Thin eyebrows hover overhead while long eyelashes frame the dull orbs. A few moles reside on her face, popping against her lightly tanned skin.

4’11, she’s seen as petite by most of the student body. A little bit of muscle has been maintained by her, no doubt formed during her long-gone wrestling days. However, it barely stands out amongst her more athletic peers. Her frame complements her more masculine sense of style, though. She tends to dress in clothes with a bit of a deep ocean color scheme, ones that feel a bit too fancy for school. The only constant pieces of her attire are her hat, the ring on a chain around her neck, and a bag that bears the crests of her families.

One thing is clear: it’s remarkably easy to lose her in a crowd.

Notable Interactions
As of right now, Quinn’s severely lacking in the notable interaction department. I’d pity her, but I’m hardly the compassionate type. Or am I? Feel free to speculate on that point.

As always, the instant I learn more, I’ll issue an update.

The Truth
The sad thing about Quinn? She’s a product of her environment.

Polite to the point of insincerity. Overly reliant on machines. Crumbling in the face of who she is expected to become. It’s utterly pathetic, but also tragic in every sense of the word. If it weren’t for destiny, she’d just be an awkward future engineer with rich parents and plenty of prospects. Instead, we get someone chock full of regrets, a victim of both neglect and the neuroses of her own mind.

It’s not much of a secret that her father’s illness left her on the wayside as a child. Isn’t it a little bit of a cosmic joke that the very story her family is so proud of caused every single one of her issues? I’d laugh, but my sense of humor is lacking, to say the least.

Really, there’s nothing remarkable about what she does and who she is. She functions the way you might imagine a shell would, trying to fill herself with the affection of the few she can stand to be around. At the end of the day, Quinn is empty, and it doesn’t look like that will be changing anytime soon.

This has been a laughable investigation of Quinn Löwe-Weiss.


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