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Quinn Schauer
Character Profile
Parent Story Oh, If I Could But Shiver
Alignment Rebel
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Hey, guys! Or girls... I finally did my Mirror Blog correctly! Last time, it exploded :3

Ark has started to make subtle hints that I would make a good target for his rifle... EEP!

Don't you just hate it when Luck makes you buy her donuts?

Would you believe that the Minuette Dancer sits by me in my 5th period?!?

Made a new friend from Atlantis today... Merana's the cuttlefish's ink! Is that how you say it???

Fools Town is a region!!! Just because we are small does NOT make us a city >:(

Do you think I'll get extra credit in Heroics 101 for fighting a centaur AND a demon on the same day? I hope so :3

Why is everyone in my Muse-ic class???

Didn't summon anything in the Animals Calling lesson... Should I be worried?

Is Lizzie allowed to decapitate people?!? She's so scary...

Tried to make a flower with my magic today. Accidentally made trees become sentient. HELP PLEASE!

Duchess really needs a chill pill.

I think I might need a magic suppressor. I accidentally turned someone into a firefly. Oops!

What does the fox say? I can tell you first hand: foxes do NOT say "Ring ding ding".

What's a crush? It sounds so painful..

Muse-ic class is so awesome! I love playing my violin!!! :D

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