Hello. My name is Dana and I am a 24-year old minimalist female. Forever on a mission to get their first corgi. I also love chasing sunsets.

Oh look, an EAHsona.


The only things I think people need to know about me are these:

  • corgis
  • sunsets
  • clouds
  • ice cream
  • keep away from carrots

I like to keep to myself a lot and ride my own wave. I don't bite though so don't be afraid to message me?



  • Celes Mochigome Daughter of the Moon Rabbit
    • A tsundere rabbit girl with an inferiority complex. Absolutely hates Ever After High and purposely fails class to get expelled.
  • Kronos Ephemeris Son of Father Time from The Capture of Father Time
    • Just a guy who will do anything to regain back the trust and honor his destiny lost throughout time.
  • Lyle Son of the Boy Who Cried Wolf
    • A boy who completely misunderstood the lesson of his own story. Thinks the moral of his story is that one can never be too careful.
  • Aura Revontulet Daughter of the Firefox
    • A playful young girl who never takes anything seriously. Pyromaniac.
  • Felicity Mochigome Boots Daughter of Percy Boots & Celes Mochigome (co-ownership with Homiestars)
    • A next-generation student who is more than happy to live the life is the next Puss in Boots, but romance is not quite her thing.


  • River Loxias Child of Generic Royalty or the Angel
    • An Ever After High drop out who lives in the Enchanted Forest. A graffiti artist who seldom speaks, but expresses themselves through their propaganda work. A completely mystery who lives through the word-of-mouth of students.
  • Clara Marie Monte Cherie Daughter of Lightning from The Story of Lightning and Thunder
    • A super chill and easygoing chick who just wants to DJ. Makes her own sounds by programming DSP algorithms.


  • Sable Mimicry Daughter of the Black Swan from Swan Lake
    • A freak in the bed who loves breaking dishes. Loves making deals with anyone just to get some fun.
  • Hayden Ferum, MS Son of the Girl Without Hands
    • A teaching assistant for a couple of classes to pay for his PhD. Doing his research on the Destiny Conflict. Has a strong RBF.
  • Otto Nolon Reinier Son of the Jabberwocky from Alice in Wonderland
    • A proper, courteous and serious gentleman who speaks in reverse. Does his absolute best not to speak in a jabberwock-nonsensical accent.

OC Ships

Thank you to all who agreed to create a relationship with my OCs. I don't think you understand how deep I am into them as I will sink with these ships all the way down the Mariana Trench. :')

Romantic Ships



  • Love, Sex, Magic - Brangwen Von Dark & Sable Mimicry & Garnet East
  • New Pollution - Celadon West & Sage Idason & River Loxias
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