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Quotation1.png I could have told her -- look, love, I should know, they're bastards when they're Princes. What you want to do is find yourself a beast.

Carol Ann Duffy's "Mrs Beast"

Ramsey Baartholomew [he/him] is the next King Ram in the Ram, or the Wonderful Sheep.

As the middle child of a lowly French baron, Ramsey craves financial stability, political power and renown. With being a legacy comes those three things. Determined to hold onto this one chance at a "meaningful life", Ramsey Baartholomew is a persistent Royal - one who is an upstart of a social climber.



Quotation1.png from a young age, ramsey realised that his barony was poor in wealth and resources, so he wanted to be rich in character.

What do people say about Ramsey? He has too much energy in that small body of his, for one - perpetually active, perpetually loud, can't stop won't stop. He's proactive and holds himself responsible - when someone wants something done, Ramsey is often the first to volunteer, his arm shooting up like a dart across the room. And, he's a romantic - his head is in the clouds, always dreaming of destiny.

All these things are true. What's also true is that Ramsey grew up feeling lonely and isolated from the rest of the world. He is a first-generation student, being the first in his family to attend Ever After High. Being surrounded by the children of legacies, the creme de la creme of society, is frankly rather terrifying. It's easy to feel difficult, it's easy to feel like you don't belong, and Ramsey grew up with that feeling and is tired of that feeling. He refuses to feel like this again, which is why he is the way he is.

Because of this, Ramsey is naturally very competitive and feels easily threatened when someone is too similar to him or "in his territory". He knows that, unlike other princes, he hasn't had the training to be great at sword-work or giving pretty speeches, so that's not something that phases him. This is why, often, Ramsey tries to take responsibility and do other things for people, like event planning and hosting gatherings. He aims to take the most active role he can in his student organisations, and has been the Treasurer for several of clubs that he joins.

Clearly, Ramsey seeks attention and appreciation. He is very reliant on the opinions of others, and because of this, has difficulty in saying no, except in the case of good friends. He has been roped into joining several student groups and often struggles balancing all his responsibilities, as he's trying to appease everyone if possible. This, paired with the fact that Ramsey is first-generation and only a baron's son, means that he has gotten a reputation for being an "upstart".

Of course, Ramsey does come off as cocky. But one has to fake it until they make it, right? Ramsey hopes that this confident air that he has will make him more likeable and make people trust him more. There is still a princely charm in how earnest he is. Though, take this to the extreme and you'll realise that it is in equal parts desperation.


Ramsey is a teenage boy of Vietnamese descent. He is on the shorter end, tending to get lost in the crowd of all the other princes at Ever After High, and compensates for that with his energy and loud voice. He has a very notable walking style - strident but bouncy, like a brisk walk in the park, making it easy to recognise him from far away.

While his hair is naturally black, Ramsey keeps it bleached and dyed grey. Skin-tone wise, he is on the paler end but spends enough time outside to get a light tan. He has medium-brown eyes. His tone is upturned, and since he usually sports a grin, his dimples are prominent.

Hobbies and Interests

Joining School Organisations

Ramsey is in several of these, and one might say that he is in too many. When he's been on the hexecutive board for a club, Ramsey has typically been the Treasurer.

Some organisations that he was previously part of, but has since dropped or quit include Royal Student Council and Speech and Debate Club.

Subcultures: Metal and Gothic

Quotation1.png On the outside, it's all metal, but on the inside it's very delicate.

"Metallica is a very complicated, fragile thing." - Kirk Hammett

Have you seen how Ramsey dresses? The prince is metalcore to his core.

It's worth noting that Ramsey has always wanted to feel like he was part of something. Because of this, Ramsey did have a phase in which he explored several subcultures, and found an affinity for both metal and goth subcultures. Aside from the aesthetics, he also loves the music associated with metal and the literature associated with gothic.

  • Ramsey, being the King of Sheep and Ghosts, does occasionally hang out at graveyards, fulfilling the gothic aesthetic.
  • Metal bands that Ramsey has canonically been stated to like include Lamb of Fairy Godmother.

Magic Touch: Communication with Sheep and Ghosts

Ramsey doesn't remember when he first met a sheep and realised that he could understand what the baa-ing noises meant. It was pretty natural for the baron's child to attempt talking back to it. However, Ramsey's barony is not particularly close to many sheep farms, so interactions were few and far between. At Ever After High, Ramsey can be seen in full conversation with Lily Bo-Peep's sheep, and only half-jokingly calls himself their "King".

Just as King Ram rules over both sheep and ghosts, Ramsey's Magic Touch extends to those beyond the grave as well. The dead like to ask Ramsey for favours and advice. Even those not part of their kingdom have recognised that by calling Ramsey "[their] King", they can easily appease a prince who grew up as powerless with little sway, and therefore flatter him enough to follow through with their requests. This is often in the form of carrying a message to still-alive loved ones or running other errands. Ramsey rather enjoys helping out ghosts that he meets, as he desires to feel important and useful.

Getting Abs Exercising

Ramsey thinks he'd be unstoppable with a six-pack. All the hobbies Ramsey had pre-EAH were not athletic. While coming to Ever After High was an absolute dream for him, Ramsey sometimes can't help but feel intimidated by the other princes, who grew up swinging swords and kicking ass. While there's social pressure to become more like them, Ramsey also recognises that it's probably just good for himself to actually exercise!

  • Ramsey has gotten into the routine of doing laps around the school every morning before breakfast.
  • Together with Gladiolus Palms, he is slowly lifting.


Past Hobbies

  • Fiction

Ramsey, despite having a crowd of siblings, grew up feeling perpetually lonely. Tired of his own life, he quickly fell in love with the lives of others, reading books beyond books. He had a few favourite genres - speculative fiction, akin to the likes of "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep", along with romance novels. He become enamoured with the idea of a grand adventure in the great unknown, and has run out of fingers to count the fictional characters he fell in love with.

At Ever After High, Ramsey had stopped reading as much as he used to - did he even need fiction anymore to escape reality?

  • Mass Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games

(someone give me a good league of legends or world of warcraft pun)

Similar to his then-love for reading, Ramsey was greatly invested in MMORPGs. Behind a computer screen, Ramsey could immerse himself in a world in which he was cool. Hotter than he was in real life, more rich than he was in real life. Once again, this was a hobby that he quickly abandoned upon his time at Ever After High.

Fairytale: The Ram

How the Story Goes

The Ram is yet another "Beauty and the Beast" styled story. It also falls into the fairytale trope "Love Like Salt".

As the next King Ram, Ramsey is destined to be cursed into a talking sheep by an evil fairy while out hunting, then taken to an underground kingdom populated by ghosts and other princes-turned-sheep, who declare him their king. Merveilleuse -- a princess, the third daughter of another King, who has been exiled from her own kingdom -- eventually stumbles upon the Ram and marries him, and they spend their days partying and eating sweets and hunting. Eventually, Merveilleuse returns to her kingdom twice to attend her sisters' wedding. The second time, she stays at the kingdom too long. The Ram is worried that she had left him, and dies of heartbreak outside the city gates.

How does Ramsey come into it?

Ramsey was born the 3rd child of a lowly French Baronness and Baron. Since youth, he realised that his family's wealth was unstable, that home life was suffocating, and both his parents insisted that the only way up out of here was through education. If he were to find himself amongst royalty, then it would be in work as a governess. He'd always been a clever child, talkative and energetic, but felt suffocated by books and etiquette, and always secretly longed to feel like someone more important and loved.

But reality turned into reverie where officials showed up at his deteriorating family estate. They carried cheques and legal documents, along with a manuscript of Madame D'Aulnoy's Le Mouton. "Your son," they told Ramsey's parents, "would be utmost suitable for this role. We sought throughout the land. Why, look at his name, he might as well have been made for it."

With each generation, King Rams die, and a new one would have to be chosen. With each generation, a young prince would have to be cursed and perish. With each generation, the princess' daughter becomes the princess and finds someone to love and lose. Ramsey, with all the fictional fantasies in his head. Ramsey, so romantic that he is nothing but a bleeding heart, read the story, understood the role, and decided instantly that such a destiny had value.

Imagine living in a world in which you were able to care about things to the extent that you would die for them. Imagine being so loved that someone's heart breaks over you. Imagine being so important in someone's life in that manner. That hexact evening, Ramsey Bartholomew put a second 'a' in his name and shook hands with the officials. Two weeks later, he received the elusive parchment in the mail.

Dear Ramsey Baartholomew, we extend to you a formal invitation to attend Ever After High as the next King of Sheep and Ghosts in The Ram.

Opinion on Destiny

Quotation1.png I have a megaphone and you play along, because you want to die for love, you always have.

Richard Siken - Planet of Love

In a world of fairytales, stories are an entire culture. One’s fairytale is one’s tradition and heritage. Through generations and generations, people have passed down through word of mouth, through scrolls and bound books, stories that have ignited imaginations and built empires.

In Ramsey’s mind, rebelling is sending your story to its death – an inexcusable form of cultural genocide. It’s blatantly looking back at your ancestors, and throwing everything that they built and worked for to the winds. Although he does not entirely believe the “poof” theory, Ramsey recognises that without repetition, without reinforcing one’s tale, it might be lost to history.

Furthermore, Ramsey’s family doesn’t have a story. There’s nothing honourable when the barony one comes from is only an empty title; there's nothing honourable about having no history to call your own. To watch teenagers blessed with centuries of an iconic family background step all over their heritage leaves a bad feeling in Ramsey’s mouth. He finds them entitled, spoiled, and most importantly, ignorant.

The middle child of a Baron inherits no title, and hardly much land. A King – no matter how humble – is a step up from that. There’s a soft romanticism in ruling over an underground kingdom, in dying from soft pitiful yearning for a princess. For someone who has lived his life buried in books, Ramsey has longed to live life as a story. To be the next King Ram is to escape a conventional career path for money, and to become someone worth remembering. An interesting life, no matter how brief, is worth infinitely more than a long boring one.

Dulce et decorum est pro patria fabula mori. It is sweet and noble to die for your country story.

For these reasons, there is no doubt in Ramsey’s mind that he aligns Icon-Royal.png Royal.


just accept the fact that ramsey baartholomew, as we know him, did not exist until 2020


  • Ramsey's ability to communicate with both ghosts and sheep is because he is meant to rule over both.
  • Ramsey is rather superficial when it comes to reputation and appearance - a nod both to the fairytale trope "The Enchanted Husband", as well as the scene in which the King Ram (when he was a human prince) rejects the evil fairy in favour of her servant.
  • The anxiety that Ramsey feels about being worthless/forgotten parallels with how the Ram dies from a broken heart when he fears the princess had forgotten about him.
  • Despite the role requiring a prince, Ramsey is a baron. This is a nod to how in many fairytales, the princess role is actually not inspired by actual princesses, but by noble women, as these were more accessible forms of reference for those who told fairystories.
  • Since obtaining his destiny, Ramsey Baartholomew made the switch to vegetarianism.
  • Ramsey's tendency of being easy swayed by others' opinions might led you to dub him as a sheep.
  • The Ram is covered in precious gems when he meets the princess.
    • To build off this theme of wealth, I ironically made Ramsey from a poorer family, which is another reason why he seeks his destiny.
    • Furthermore, Ramsey being the Treasurer for his school organisations reinforce the idea of controlling the wealth.
Ramsey's bio, explained



Ramsey's theme colour is purple, usually with reddish overtunes. His associated metal is silver, which is grey and thus chosen to fit the ghostly theme.

Motifs associated with him include sheep, ghosts, skulls and hearts. Accessories commonly involve chains, a common motif in ghosts, and also to emphasise that despite being the ruler of the underground, the King Ram is still a prisoner of Ragotte.

Art Ramsey's Outfits
Ramsey fullbody 2k19.png


  • Crown is a sheep skull with its own crown! Obviously ties in the sheep + ghosts + death motif. Small crown has a heart on it.
  • Epaulettes are a sheep and human skull - nod to how the Ram dies + was a human prince turned sheep.
  • Hearts. Hearts everywhere.
  • The bowtie's "tied" part is an upside down heart.
  • The heart brooch is a.... wait for it..... bleeding heart.
  • Bodice is covered in sheer. Purpose of sheer is to "look ghostly".
  • Bodice is designed similar to the bodices of French royalty. Images present on them include skulls, a pitcher, gems and ghosts.
  • Chain hanging off pants is a nod to how some ghosts are depicted as wearing chains.
  • Socks are literally just sheep. Not much to say about shoes, they're just there to look cool and metal.


Quotation1.png At the school gym, the mermaid was lifting, and Ramsey was spotting him. By spotting him, we mean that Ramsey had a smoothie in his hand, was drinking the smoothie, and absolutely not being a spot-on bro by looking out for Gladiolus properly.

Veritas Virumque, P2E4

Quotation1.png No wonder we cannot appreciate the really central Kafka joke: that the horrific struggle to establish a human self results in a self whose humanity is inseparable from the horrific struggle. That our endless and impossible journey towards home is in fact our home.

David Foster Wallace, Consider the Lobster and Other Essays


  • The name Ramsey was chosen for the pun on "ram".
    • Ramsey's real surname is actually Bartholomew. The second 'a' was added when he was filling out Ever After High's registration papers. This was not only for pun-related reasons, but also to distance himself from his biological family.
    • Ramsey Bolton, from Game of Thrones, is another character with a Ramsey B structure to his name. Although Ramsey Baartholomew was not inspired by this character, the naming choice was inspired by him.


  • His favourite movie is Shrek.
    • Not only is Shrek a play on 'Animal Bridegroom/Beauty and the Beast' type fairytales, but also Shrek is the name of a very famous sheep.
  • His preferred alcoholic drink would have to be heavy liquor, because spirits.
  • Hobby-wise, Ramsey is actually fairly "hands-on". Growing up with two older siblings and in concerning financial straits, he's used to hand-me-downs, which he would then alter to fit him and his aesthetic more.
  • In Freedom Year, Ramsey was part of both Royal Student Council and the Royal Court for Speech and Debate. He claims to have dropped both due to "scheduling conflicts" and "to be better at time management". He currently denies reports of hazing in the latter.


Further Reading

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  • Pierce the Veil - King for a Day: imagine living like a king for a day, another night without a ghost in the walls
  • Twenty One Pilots - Forest: this is not what you're supposed to see. please, remember me. i am supposed to be king of a kingdom or swinging on a swing.