I'm Raven, daughter of the Evil Queen. Mostly, I'm writing this because I need a friend to talk to and Apple isn't exactly comfortable to talk to. Well, yes, Apple is nice to me, but our legacies have to lead to hate. That's why I didn't sign the book of legends. I didn't want to hurt anyone. Plus, my mom wears to much make-up and is too vain, that's why I'm not close with her. Maddie, my Friend Forever After, can have fun with her mouse in her legacy while I have to stand in front of some mirror that's evil and check every single day if I'm "The fairest in the land". Then, so on, so forth, I get chained up, locked away and pawn it off to my children, then they pass it on to my grandchildren. I don't want my whole family evil, I'm just a little mean as all.

Maybe it's wrong to crush on your Legacy's arch-nemesis' prince's brother, but I can't help it.

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