About Me 


Usually I can be easily get mad and I don't talk much


I like to draw and write stories. I always draw different fanon characters of mine. I like reading The 39 clues,Harry Potter and Goddess Girls


October 13



My Characters 

Marian Wish-Daughter of the Genie

One wish coming right up
Marian Wish
Ashvin Sane-Son of Aladdin
I'm always up for an adventure
Ashvin Sane
Alicia North-Daughter of the Good Witch of North
Alicia North

Selene Wonder-Daughter of a gypsy

You mess with one you mess the rest
Selene Gypsy

Coming Soon Characters

Jamie Hook-Son of Captain Hook

Whatever Codfish
Jamie Hook

Kevin Tailor-Son of The Clever Little Tailor

Brains beat brawns . Deal with it.
Kevin Tailor

Drawings I'm Working On 

The girls selfie picture---Sketched

Couples Pic of Ashvin and Marian---Working on it

Ocs That Need Roommates

Marian Wish

Ashvin Sane

Jamie Hook

Comment me who do you want your oc the be roommates with my oc?

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