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Wear It Well

I love to look good and polished every single day. Even before I entered my storybook role, I have always been trying the posh look, being in tuned with my elegant side. My mother, the Red Queen, never has too much to say about how I dress, rather how I act. I act way too passive towards my "subjects". She wants me to be one of the most powerful queens located in the storybook world, which is swell, but that not all I want to do. I want to head into fashion after my story ends but I do want to become a great queen in the making and follow my story.

Chapter 1

My father called me with his new MirrorPhone. Even though is really regal, he did not want to lose contact with me with the new technology coming into fruition. He asked if I was okay on my way to Ever After High, which I was heading in the first place. I made sure that he knew I got there safely. My limo pulled up from in front of the school, next to another one.

"Madame Regina." My esteemed loyal driver said as he opened the limo door. I turned my head to the right and saw the other people coming out of the other limo. The limo was gold, something I've seen before and I knew who occupied it. There were two teenagers the same age as me, Auspicious and Nubia Midas, children of King Midas.

"Regina!" Nubia said running up to me. "I haven't seen you in forever!"

I giggled. "It's only been a year!" Nubia hugged me.

Chapter 2

Arm to arm, Nubia and I walked into school. Out first day will be spent together. I checked out schedules, we had almost all of the same classes. Nubia walked along the lockers and found hers. I checked mine, surely knowing that we will be next to each other, but we weren't. My locker was on the other side of the school. Nubia grasped her book, "Do you want me to come with you to your locker?"

I closed her locker for her. "Don't worry about that. I'll go." I said smiling.

Nubia bent down to pick up her bag and walked across the hall to her twin brother, Auspicious Midas.

Chapter 3

Nervously I headed for the "other" side of the school. My heels were clacking on the floor loudly.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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