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Regina Spielmann is the daughter of the fiddler from The Wonderful Musician by The Brothers Grimm.


Name: Regina Spielmann

Age: 17

Parent's Story: The Wonderful Musician

Roommate: Kali Meena

Alignment: Royal

Secret Heart's Desire: To play nice songs on the fiddle.

My "Magic" Touch: I am good at playing the fiddle.

Storybook Romance Status: I am dating Alfredo Mata. He's very cute.

"Oh Curses!" Moment: Animals keep wanting to listen to my music, even when it's inconvenient for me.

Favorite Subject: Muse-ic, of course!

Least Favorite Subject: Beast Training and Care. Animals can be a pain sometimes.

Best Friend Forever After: My boyfriend Alfredo. He's such a nice, gentle guy.



Regina is below average height, with light brown hair cut around her shoulders and blue eyes. She wears a blue shirt with pink stripes, blue capris, and white shoes.


As befitting her surname, Regina is a fiddler and a music aficionado.


Hallo! I'm Regina Spielmann, the daughter of the fiddler from The Wonderful Musician.

My father was a musician who loved to play the fiddle in the woods. However, he was being followed by a wolf, a fox, and a hare, who he didn't want the company of. He tricked them into being trapped so he could continue on his way. Dad then found a woodsman to accompany him. But then the wolf freed itself, the fox, and the hare, and they decided to cause mischief, but the woodsman protected Dad with his axe, and the animals fled. Dad thanked the woodsman, played another song for him, and then left.

Dad later got married, and then he had me. I am an only child. I live with him and my mom in a cottage. Currently, I attend Ever After High. It's a fun place and has the Enchanted Forest, which is great for taking walks and playing the fiddle.

I am very good at playing the fiddle, and I'm in the school orchestra. I play my music for the other students. Sometimes animals want to hear it too. I'm not that big on animals, but I'll be polite if they want to hear music. I often invite my friends in the woods.

I am friends with Sparrow Hood since he's also a talented musician, and I often go to watch him perform. But my heart lies with Alfredo Mata. He's a very kind young man and he loves music. He loves to hear me play the fiddle, and I'm teaching him how to play it too. We often go on walks in the woods together. Alfredo also likes animals a lot and can help distract them from me.


Regina's surname means "musician" in German.