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Charmed, I'm Sure

I don’t always keep a diary. In my castle, you kind of can’t. It’s one of the consequences of having five older brothers and sisters. Really, what isn’t a consequence to having five older brothers and sisters? You can never really have much privacy, or any at all.

That being said:

Revolutionary, if you’re the one reading this, I will BURN your Thronecoming dress in the middle of the Castle-teria so everyone can see it like you wanted to.

But if you’re not dear Revolutionary Charming, then quit nosing around you must know who she is. Second daughter of King Rich Charming? Standard stock fairytale princess? As some would say, Revolutionary is the fairest in the halls next to Apple White? Which is a lie I want to argue. You wouldn’t be saying stuff like that if you knew her in her spellementary years. Revy is anything but fair.

How would I know? Well, I’m Revolutionary’s younger sister, Renegade Charming. Though Revolutionary and I look mighty alike with our mother's golden hair and our father's blue eyes, there’s one big hex of a difference between my sister and I. Between ALL of my siblings and I. You see, I have a real destiny.

I’m the next Fitcher’s Bird. From… well, the Fitcher’s Bird. It’s not a royally famous tale, but at least I’m not just some damsel-in-distress.

Chapter 1

It's no secret Headmaster Grimm runs this school straight out of the pockets of the Charming clan. In return, we get a table in the Castleteria with our name on it. It could be worse.

The Arthurian Legends have their Round Table. The Swan Squad get to picnic outside. The Muskeedorks get discounts on French pastries. We just get a table with our name on it exclusively for us. By Royal Decree, only Charming tushies can deface the Charming family seal. Which is literally what the table is. Just one big family seal for us to eat on.

I have a plate of marshmallows, sprinkles and chocolate syrup, and then a fruit salad because I am my mother's daughter. I am currently enduring a session of lectures from my sisters Rising and Revolutionary about my diet, but nothing out of the ordinary. I blame their lack of tastebuds. Spring chicken little and four slices of pear doesn't taste good at all.

They just keep talking while I'm scribbling away. I don't think they've noticed yet. I'll probably have to doodle until they leave.

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