Rocky's hotness, more like hot mess is the 3rd episode of shorts for Off the Island


"Theme Song"

"rummaging through clothes"

Rocky: I need something that says, spelltacular. "throws down a blue plaid shirt"

Emily: I like that.

Rocky: You like anything bland, no offense.

Emily: None taken, I think?

Rocky: Wait a spell, Alex helped you look less plain the day he arrived.

Emily: Yeah, so?

Rocky: Use that spell on me.

Emily: Grandma just started allowing magic & I'm still in training, but I'm sure Alex or Mac might help.

Rocky: I'll ask Mac 'cause I didn't like that portrait Alex gave me.

Cut to Mac selling cupcakes:

Mac: Buy a cupcake to help...No, no, no, you can leave.

Rocky: Why?

Mac: Don't like you.

Rocky: I'd have to say the same.

Mac: What do you want?

Rocky: Besides making fun of you, that hair spell Alex used on Em.

Mac: You don't have magic.

Rocky: Yeah, but you do.

Mac: So?

Rocky: Use it, just this once.

Mac: "sighs" Fine.

Rocky: Yay!

Mac: Beware, foreswear, make Rocky look nice 'cause I don't care. "casts spell"

"Rocky's clothes & hair were transformed to make him look like he got hit by a bus"

Rocky: "posing" Do I look good?

Mac: "holding back laughter" Yeah, totes.

Rocky: Cool, post it. "hands phone"

Mac: "takes pic" There.

"Rocky's spellfie goes viral & Rocky gets upset"



  • Rocky
  • Emily
  • Mac
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