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Hi! I'm RoybelGirl the Cookie Monster (Call me Bel~!), a Driver on this wiki. I really enjoy Ever After High, it's a cute show with cute characters. I am a semi-weird person who can be serious when needed. I have a passion for all things artistic, and can usually be seen either singing or drawing or something like that. Oh, and I also love emoji. Prepare to have an emoji overload. \(♥ u ♥)/

Also be prepared because this driver page is rather messy and all over the place.



Some Quick Pros: Very practical, warmhearted, loving, reliable, persistent, encouraging, and incredibly dorky.

And a Few Quick Cons: Jealous, proud, possessive, inflexible, and sometimes resentful.

I love being around people, and I seem to thrive when I can work with others. I make friends fast, something I used to take for granted. Despite these extroverted qualities, I do require some quiet time to myself to be happy. I can be described as an ambivert, in all honesty.


In the summer my skin is like rather tan, but in the winter it becomes as pale as can be. I have a heart shaped face, stormy blue eyes, and dainty eyebrows. My hair is a dark blond, cut a few inches to my shoulders, and has lots of layers. I almost never wear makeup, something that usually sets me apart from others. I am rather short in stature and my everyday outfits tend to be very simple.  


If you were ever to stumble upon in my spare time you'd probably probably find me either drawing, obsessively posing my EAH dolls (I have, like, 30, so it takes awhile), or reading.

I have a passion for reading, writing, and basically anything artistic. This includes drawing, painting, singing, learning a new language, etc. Out of these artistic things, I think the things I enjoy the most are learning French and discovering the possibilities of the big wide world of digital art.



One of my best friends IRL and on the wiki is Soren11 and I am also friends with TaylorRocks (Tay), RoseCupid (Kitten), TheKawaiiPandas (Lagoona), Filip of Mount Honora (Zia), Scythe Sasin (Scythe), Miraculous-Lilygem (Lily), Artemis Donut (Artemis, JK), WiseUnicorn (Uni, Wise), and Kayjay1025 (Kajay), they are all so sweet. ☺

Also there are people I consider my friends, but I am not sure they consider me a friend. They include Jade-the-Tiger (Jade), GrimmsDePytheLover (Grimms), Patchworks Inc (Patches), and LightRubiCounselor (Rubi).


I have a beautiful Australian Shepard/Border Collie dog. I love him to pieces :3


Despite the fact that I love shipping OCs and canon characters, as well as writing romantic and trashy fanfics, I don't care for romance in my own life at the moment.

My OCs

Main OCs

Airmé Arc-en-ciel

Gracie Goose

Marcelle Hare

Erin Pearl

Mars Hare

Mousie Forest

Secondary OCs

Flurry Smert

Alicia Gross

Lance McChivalry

Maiden Falsebride

Cygnette Swanson

Other OCs

Mark Littlelamb

Liam Falls

Petrus Eater

Co-Owned OCs

Joseph Hook (Co-Owned with Soren11)

Pippi Pan (Co-Owned with Soren11)

Seera Neverland (Co-Owned with Soren11)

Zackary Lightning (Co-Owned with Soren11)

Ciel Fairer (Next Generation - Co-Owned with Jade-the-Tiger)

Fontaine Fairer (Next Generation - Co-Owned with Jade-the-Tiger)

Concerning EAH

My Dolls

Apple White (Signature

Briar Beauty (Signature)

Ashlynn Ella (Signature)

Hunter Huntsmen (Signature)

Madeline Hatter (Signature)

C. A. Cupid (Signature)

Holly O'Hair (Signature

Poppy O'Hair (Signature)

Raven Queen (Signature)

Dexter Charming (Signature)

Blondie Lockes (Signature)

Cerise Hood (Signature)

Alistair Wonderland (Signature)

Bunny Blanc (Signature)

Cedar Wood (Signature)

Kitty Cheshire (Signature)

Lizzie Hearts (Signature)

Faybelle Thorn (Signature)

Duchess Swan (Signature)

Ginger Breadhouse (Signature)

Darling Charming (Signature)

Rosabella Beauty (Signature)

Courtly Jester (Signature)

Melody Piper (Signature)

Farrah Goodfairy (Signature)

Justine Dancer (Signature)

Nina Thumbell (Signature)

Crystal Winter (Signature)

Jillian Beanstalk (Signature)

Meeshell Mermaid (Signature)

My Favorite Ships

Canon Ships

  • Dexven (DexterxRaven)
  • Bunnstair (AlistairxBunny)
  • Huntlynn (HunterxAshlynn)
  • Daribella (DaringxRosabella)
  • Charling (ChasexDarling)
  • Bropper (HopperxBriar)
  • Jillphrey (JillianxHumphrey)
  • *shipping Sparrow with everyone*

OC Ships

  • Fairmé (FayxAirmé) Sweet rainbow children.
  • Glasstunnel (OpalinexObsidian) I will protect them.
  • Fairyfloss (MinxBas) I don't care if their relationship is platonic.
  • Alaksie (AlakxMousie) Love at first sight. :3
  • Lucance (LucyxLance) Awkward together... but somehow perfect.
  • Mingsely (MagixKingsely) Cuties.
  • Jem (ClemxJeco) Innocent. <3
  • Can I please ship Auliver and Dainty? Because I really want to.


  • I live in the USA
  • a useless fangirl
  • I have an odd obsession of pineapples.
  • I am hoping to become bilingual in the future. The second language I am learning is French. I have been taking French for about a year or so.
  • I really, really don't like spiders. >.<
  • I have three favorite animals: Dogs, Koalas ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ, and Ezo Momongas. (If you don't know what an ego momonga is... look them up. <3 They are seriously the most adorable things on the planet.)

My Art

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