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The Admin team aims for the Wikia to be a fun and enjoyable place for everyone and, over 7 years, we've constructed these rules in order to promote that. We believe that when joining an internet community it is polite, if not necessary, to understand their rules and expectations prior to getting involved. We appreciate you taking the time to read ours.

In this article, "rules" dictate what sort of things are allowed on the our site and "etiquette" are tips for how to behave. Both work together to keep the Wikia running smoothly. A lot of both are common sense, but we encourage all users to by knowledgeable about what is and isn't appropriate for the site, regardless.

For more detailed information on certain rules, please check our FAQ.

General Rules

  • All users must be 13+ to post on this Wikia.
    • Your age must be stated on your user or driver page.
    • If you do not wish to disclose your age specifically, please use 13+ or 18+.
  • Everything on this Wikia should be PG-13.
    • PG-13 content can be utilised on character pages and in fanfiction only when a warning is used.
    • Otherwise, limit swearing, gore/violence, and sexual content.
    • No NSFW or RP with sexual undertones should happen on site.
  • No discrimination or discriminatory content. This includes (but is not limited to) gender, race, sexuality or religion.
  • Be kind, friendly, and otherwise accommodating. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.
    • Thank others for help and offer help to those who might need it.
    • Welcome new users to the Wikia - a simple “Hi!” means a lot.
    • Post positive comments on other people’s pages - interacting with others’ content is just as important as cultivating your own.
    • Don’t demand content from other people. This includes art, fanfiction, votes, comments, compliments, interactions or roleplays. Feel free to ask, but ensure your tone doesn't come across as being entitled to others’ work and time.
  • All art posted must belong to you.
    • You may post art you have commissioned with the permission of the artist.
    • You may post pictures and art that are public domain.
  • Similarly, base, traced, or doll maker art is not permitted.
    • Base art is allowed if the base is non-traced and made by (or for) you specifically.
    • To avoid confusion, we would recommend users do not post art in the Ever After High style which includes such heavy referencing that the image can be mistaken as being traced. We would recommend users create their own poses when posting art in the Ever After High style.

Character Rules

  • Any character that you intend to exist in the Ever After High universe may be posted here.
  • Your characters may not break canon.
    • Your character should not be taking on a canon role already fulfilled by a canon character.
      • Characters of now taken canon roles are permitted as long they were posted to our site before the canon character appeared in webisodes.
    • Siblings of canon characters are permitted as long as they do not break canon.
  • Characters must not be used as a soapbox to post intolerant opinions. Intolerant characters must be condemned narratively and any extreme or upsetting view points must utilise a warning.
  • Destinies must be from acceptable fairytale sources, not adaptations like Barbie or Disney.
    • Acceptable fairytale sources include:
      • Fairytales, nursery rhymes, fables, tall tales, folk tales, and folklore will largely be allowed on site without question.
      • Mythology, outside of a few exceptions, is not permitted.
      • Literature, outside of some exceptions, is not permitted.
      • Please see the FAQ for more information.

Rules specific to different Wikia areas

Chat and Discord Rules

  • Welcome new users.
  • Do not spam.
  • Be inclusive. Do not ignore users and try to engage with others.
  • With regard to the Discord:
    • Ask an Admin or Mod for a link (it is currently non-public for safety reasons).
    • Read the rules of the Discord when joining. These rules can be found in the FFC Discord.

Page Rules

  • You should only edit pages that you are allowed to edit.
  • Any sensitive content should include adequate warnings.
  • All pages must be categorised correctly.
    • A guide to what categories you must use can be found on the Start Your Journey series. Please see our FAQ for more information.
      • If a category you need doesn't exist, ask an admin to make one. Do not create new categories.
  • Avoid creating skeleton pages (a page with little information on it, related to the amount of content it 'should' have).

Roleplay Rules

  • As mentioned above, roleplay should be PG-13.
  • Do not join private roleplays you are not a part of.
  • Keep roleplay fun:
    • Do not godmod (control other people's characters) and do not keep your character needlessly overpowered (make your character untouchable).
    • Be up to date on what has happened in public roleplays before joining.
    • Be inclusive. Do not ignore users in public roleplay when and where possible.
  • If you roleplay offsite you can post it as an Archived Roleplay so it is not lost.
    • While what you roleplay offsite isn't our business, content posted to our site must abide by our rules.


Three Strikes Policy

  • Standard Wikia-wide punishment for continued rule breaking is a ban, which restricts your ability to post on our site for a given period of time.
    • You will be given three warnings before your first ban.
    • After your first ban you will be given two warnings before a second ban.
    • After your second ban you will be given one warning before a third ban.
    • Though it seldom happens, your third ban is usually a permanent, life time ban.

When you break the rules

  • An Admin or Mod will contact you if you have broken the rules. You may be contacted on your wall, by private message, or via a comment, depending on what the Admin or Mod judges to be easiest, most visible for you, and least upsetting.
  • An Admin or Mod will instruct you if this rule break is a warning.
  • An Admin or Mod will also remind you what stage of the Three Strikes Policy you are on when warning you.
  • Be honest with Admins and Mods about what has happened, it helps us get to the bottom of issues faster.
  • Everyones broken rules before and seldom do rule breaks escalate. Don't stress!

When someone else breaks the rules

  • If you feel someone else is breaking a rule, try to avoid stepping in and instead contact an Admin. This avoids dogpiling which makes rule breaks harder for Admins to handle. You can do this by posting on our walls or privately messaging the Admin team.
    • Never be afraid to flag something to an Admin. Admins are not all knowing and don't see every single thing on site. Admins cannot know what users are feeling unless they are told.
    • Something does not need to be against the rules for you to raise it as a concern to the Admins.