We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.
Jonathan Gottschall

Sage Idason [he/him] is the son of Little Ida from Little Ida's Flowers

He is currently in his final year at Ever After High. His reputation at the school is rather polarised - one either views him as the adept Theatre Vice-President, who works endlessly on any upcoming musicals, or one views him as the intimidating, paranoid conspiracy theorist.



Who is Sage Idason? It depends on who you ask.

There are some things that anyone would agree on. He is organised and driven.



For a guy who wants to hide his identity and become an enigma, Sage sure dresses like it. Very rarely does he show any skin, covering himself up in large trenchcoats and face masks and infinity scarves. His bulky clothing hides his stature and many distinguishing features. Ironically, his attempt to be unrecognisable is exactly what makes him easily recognised.

Behind his clothing, Sage is actually quite well-built, the product of dance lessons since childhood and a habit of carrying heavy equipment around. As a result, he looks quite bulky and menacing – if it weren’t for the fact he’s also short.

He has a mop of dark brown hair that's slightly lightened in places. It’s very flat and straight and just flops over his head. Medium-length, just up to the base of his head. His eyes are an intense brown. Height-wise, Sage is short - somewhere between 5'3" and 5'4".

Hobbies and Interests

Performing Arts

Sage's mother runs a dance studio, and that is where he grew up. And having spent his summers at programs hosted by the Copenhagen Theatre, having matured in an environment where there was nothing but music...

Well, the Performing Arts are his life. Sage would be damned if he gave them up. It's not just in his past, but it's also his future - he recently accepted his study program after Ever After High, an internship at a prestigious theatre where he can work on his stagecraft.

Theatre: At Ever After High, Sage is currently Vice-President of the Drama Club, The Drama Kings and Queens. While he loves the group, he hates how the school constantly gets on their backs, and frequently has to fight the administration for agency on his artistic visions. One frustration he has is the frequent typecasting - because of his height, Sage often gets typecast as fairies or children. And royalty and other upper crust students would tend to get lead roles, and Sage believes he's being pushed away from his potential to shine.

Sage, aside from a performer, is also an avid composer and playwright, and tries to write his own original content. So far, he's produced a repertoire of one-act plays and some snazzy orchestral pieces.

Orchestra: Aside from song and dance, Sage plays the saxophone. Specifically, he's skill in both tenor and baritone, but plays the baritone more often. This is also his instrument of choice in EAH's Ogre-stra.

Voice Range: Sage is a baritone.


I blame the summer between Legacy and Classics Year, personally. The dreams were getting more vivid, even when I nap…
Being the next Little Ida, Sage has the current family curse. This is his real magic touch. Sage Idason may sleep at night, and sometimes he dreams. When he does, those dreams are vivid and feel exactly like real life. In other words, Sage Idason is sometimes essentially awake 24 hours a day.

In these dreams, Sage has to face his fears like it's reality. It's like a Theatre performation, it's like a rehearsal for real life. Over time, Sage has come to believe that these dreams are like some training. Sure, they're scary. But what's scarier? Real life. And these dreams are training him so he can fight the world. Because of this, Sage believes he has an inherent duty to "do good" and "fight for what's right".

Conspiracy Theories

Do people even remember who I was before the conspiracies? I sang, I danced, I acted-- I wrote plays, did anyone care about those?
Sage, in Veritas
Sage Idason - if you don't recognise that name from Theatre Club pamphlets, there might be another place you recognise it...

Conspiracy theories.

To most people, Sage isn't the skilled playwright or actor or saxophone player. Most people don't know Little Ida's son as the clever, creative composer. Outside of the group he's close to, Sage has a public persona that is rather different from his reality.

Dressed in a trench coat, with a gas mask over his face, carrying aluminium foil and yelling about 'the System', Sage publicly appears as a paranoid extremist, with inconceivable takes and ideas on the land of Ever After. He pretends that the gas mask is to filter out toxins in the air, he claims that there are always "people watching, listening in". Above all, he believes in the Authors.

Most people often write off Sage as silly or un-researched. That doesn't mean that they don't love the sensationalism - his blog, where he writes about his conspiracy theories (dispersed between promotions for Theatre, of course), gets frequent hits. Is this persona just a giant advertising campaign?

If I sound too serious about what I say, if people can’t write off what I do as ‘ironic’...
Sage, on why he's so dramatic on conspiracy theories.

Well, yes. And maybe no. Sage does want to spark ideas and thinking, but also wants to conceal his real takes. He plays up the ridiculousness, he plays up the drama. If he does that, then perhaps people won't see what he's writing as a threat.


Does this deserve its own header? Absolutely.

Sage is impeccably organised. His room is full of filing cabinets, and in them are brown manila folders. He always carries coloured pens and highlighters on them and proudly flexes his colour-coding skills.


  • His favourite cafe in BookEnd is an anarcho-syndicalist cafe named The Little Red Hen Cafe.
  • Sage also collects porcelain dolls and stuffed toys, which are displayed in a glass cabinet in his room.
  • While botany is no means a major interest of Sage, he is very adept at distinguishing between various types of flowers. He has fond memories of the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen - the very gardens that inspired Andersen to write the fairytale.

Fairy tale – Little Ida's Flowers

How the Story Goes

Little Ida's Flowers

A little girl named Ida talks to a student about flowers. He makes up a story about flowers partying hard. Ida goes to bed and dreams of flowers partying hard with her ragdoll and the flowers telling the ragdoll that they're all gonna die and that Ida better plant the flower corpses in the garden. After the trippy af dream, Ida wakes up and yells at her ragdoll for not reminding her. So she plants the flowers in the garden in a box, and her cousins from Norway fire crossbows over the flowers' grave.

How does Sage come into it?

The previous Ida grew up, lived life, got married, had Sage, got divorced. Currently, she runs a dance studio in Copenhagen.


  • The student tells Ida speculative stories. Sage, much like Ida, loves stories, especially speculative ones.
  • The flowers are shown to be at a dance. Sage's mother not only runs a dance studio, but Sage is adept in Theatre and other stagecraft.
  • Little Ida is a story about an intense dream that bleeds into real life. Sage's Magic Touch reflects this.
  • The lawyer in the story is rude and demeaning towards Ida. Sage does not like the law.
  • Just as Little Ida had a ragdoll named Sophie (a name that means 'wise'), Sage also has a ragdoll named Sage Junior (Sage being another name that means wise).
  • "Little Ida's Flowers" is often regarded as HC Andersen's first fairytale. It was published in Andersen's first collection of stories, and was the only fully original one of five.
    • Sage is often regarded as the oldest of my OCs.


  • Sage was chosen as it was a flowering plant, as a nod to the flowers of the fairytale, and for its second meaning - "wise".
    • Interesting enough, Little Ida's doll is named Sophie, which also translates to wisdom. Similarly, Sage's own ragdoll, the next Sophie, is named "Sage Junior".
    • Idason is merely a surname that means "Ida's son".
  • Sage breaks the Zena OC formula by being the only OC in my cast to have a character concept before I had a role decided for them. The concept was a Theatre nerd who was also an avid conspiracy theorist. Little Ida was already a fairytale dear to childhood me. Combining the two was a revelation.


Oh, must I abandon my goal, when my height prevents me, and curses me with this eternal struggle?
tfw you're short and can't reach the shelf of a costume cupboard
He decided to say nothing after his name – not even a quick ‘hey, guess my tale!’. Sage didn’t want to ruin his characteristic ~mysterious air~ around non-theatre people.
Sage, typically after introducing himself.
I told you, I dream vividly. I’ve lived nightmares. So why should I pull the curtain on everything-- on all that people call ‘conspiracies’, just because they’re scary? I know I’ve faced scary things like they’re real life.
Sage Idason on his lucid dreaming, and why it makes him less scared of dealing with conspiracies.
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