Sage Idason [he/him] is the son of Little Ida from Little Ida's Flowers. 

A baritone sax in orchestra and a piece of theatre trash, Sage is a guy built for the stage and the pit. Generally you'll find him working on his latest play or musical, whether it's fussing over dialogue and lyrics, chasing up actors or spending sleepless nights perfecting choreography.

However, in the recent years, he had developed an insatiable urge to "discover truth", as he says, and has become a conspiracy theorist.

In general, he's an odd sort, who's convinced that the fairytale world – whether that's the authors or the monarches or the governments – is against him. As a result, Sage is desperate to "dismantle the current World Order", and liberate his fellow students who he mockingly refers to as sheeple. 



will need to update this (and i need to add more of his dramatic & attention-seeking nature). Through growing up with an older mentor – his future university student in the tale, Sage gained an incredibly overactive imagination. First, that had started out with an interest in the arts – music and theatre, more specifically. Then, he started getting into theatre legends and reading and exploring abandoned places more and more, and starring in shows less and less.

So when the awkward theatre kid returned to Ever After High after summer break last year, he had turned into a full-out conspiracy theorist.

Superstitious and speculative, Sage is almost always paranoid that something is out to get him. (blah blah blah add better examples here that make more sense).

His organisation skills are incredible. Sage is well-known for keeping his school notes tidy, but even more is he known for his cabinets and cabinets full of brown manila folders. And if you asked him if he was afraid of losing all those manila folders, he’ll pull open his desk drawers to reveal several backup hard-drives. And, if that wasn’t enough, he has everything backed up on a least three different types of Cloud systems. Although he’s known for accumulating tons of data, Sage is always somehow able to find exactly what he needs almost immediately. Must be all the colour-coding he does.

However, one thing that is admirable is how far he is willing to go to be credible. If someone questions one of his beliefs or theories, Sage will literally run off and return with a dozen manila files. He’s desperate for people to believe him, to trust him, to understand him. And the only way he thinks he can do that? It’s to prove himself competent over and over again.

Sage is sneaky. Although he is far from taciturn, Sage is eerily quiet when he’s hunting down new information to compile and study. As a result, he has a habit of sneaking up on people, “appearing from nowhere” and just seeming downright creepy. Unfortunately, Sage doesn’t even apologise for constantly scaring people with his sudden presence, he’s just irritated that others get in his way.

Insanely curious, all Sage really wants to do is find out more. In terms of the arts, Sage wants to use music and theatre to understand the depths of mankind, the workings of the soul. In that aspect, he’s quite philosophical. In terms of other issues, like politics and government and current events, Sage is searching for truth in media accounts and what the authorities tell people and what people believe. He’s scared that the world he grew up with is being sanitised and censored and wants to find “reality” outside of what’s handed to him. Perhaps, in a way, he views himself as a prisoner trapped in Plato’s theoretical cave, and longs to be free.

Finally, Sage is outspoken. He says whatever he believes in and speaks whatever is on his mind. Sage thinks that truth should be something that everyone should be aware of and withheld from no one, which is why he’s constantly standing on a dais and yelling his beliefs from loudspeakers. Ultimately, he wants others to experience the “enlightenment” he has received, and for them to be aware where they stand in the world.


For a guy who wants to hide his identity and become an enigma, Sage sure dresses like it. Very rarely does he show any skin, covering himself up in large trenchcoats and face masks and infinity scarves. His bulky clothing hides his stature and many distinguishing features. Ironically, his attempt to be unrecognisable is exactly what makes him easily recognised.

Behind his clothing, Sage is actually quite well-built, the product of dance lessons since childhood and a habit of carrying heavy equipment around. As a result, he looks quite bulky and menacing – if it weren’t for the fact he’s also short.

He has a mop of dark brown hair that's slightly lightened in places. It’s very flat and straight and just flops over his head. Medium-length, just up to the base of his head. His eyes are an intense brown.

Hobbies and Interests


The love of his life, tbh.

It's lowkey (read: highkey) one of his dreams to play more main roles. Because of his (relatively) short height, Sage often gets cast at fairies. Not that he wants to complain – Shakespeare's Ariel and Puck are great roles – but he's getting pretty sick of being typecast. Additionally, royalty and those from more "upper crust" tales tended to get lead roles anyway, and Sage thinks he's being pushed away from his potential to shine.

Here, take some miscellaneous theatre trivia about him.

  • He's Vice-President of The Drama Kings and Queens
  • At one point in his life, he wanted to run an all-male Shakespeare club where everything was lovely and masculine. Then, someone told him that technically Shakespeare plays were all originally all-male. That sort of killed his idea.
  • Writes his own original plays.
  • Seriously you should read Alpha's fic Master of the House, in which the Drama squad attempt a production of Les Mis.


Sage plays both tenor and baritone sax, but he's typically associated with the baritone sax. He plays it more because he thinks it looks more impressive.

He's also part of one of Ever After High's several orchestras.


He has a blog, in which he talks about the conspiracy theories he has about Ever After. Dispersed between entries are usually promotions for the Drama club's newest play.

Poetry Club

Sage is part of a Poetry Slam Club at school. He writes poetry on the government and censorship, and the devaluation of art in society. He also speaks out a lot about classism and the overtly pro-royalty stance that the World of Ever After is founded on.

Fairy tale – Little Ida's Flowers

How the Story Goes

Little Ida's Flowers

A little girl named Ida talks to a student about flowers. He makes up a story about flowers partying hard. Ida goes to bed and dreams of flowers partying hard with her ragdoll and the flowers telling the ragdoll that they're all gonna die and that Ida better plant the flower corpses in the garden. After the trippy af dream, Ida wakes up and yells at her ragdoll for not reminding her. So she plants the flowers in the garden in a box, and her cousins from Norway fire crossbows over the flowers' grave.

How does Sage come into it?

The previous Ida grew up, lived life, had Sage. Nothing more to that.


  • Sage has a love for speculative stories, just as Ida did.
  • Sage loves theatre, which involves dance, and the flowers were at a dance.
  • Little Ida had a ragdoll, while Sage collects creepy stuffed toys and can pull off ventriloquism. 


  • The name Sage was shown since it was a herb (and had flowers). It also means "wisdom", which is something Sage thinks he has a lot of.
    • Idason literally just means Ida's son. It's a portmanteau or whatever.
  • Yes, Sage can access the Deep Mirrornet. No, he's too much of a chicken to do anything illegal on it.
    • On that note, Sage has admitted that he would "love to be a hacktivist" but "the risk is really really big and I don't even know how to read HTML."
  • Sage does like memes, particularly the "illuminati confirmed" meme. However, he is annoyed at the fact that people take his attempts at humour as him using this meme seriously.
  • He actually doesn't believe that the air is full of poisonous chemicals. In fact, he hardly wears his gas mask when he's hanging out with Theatre, Music or Poetry people.
  • Most of his "quirkiness" is actually a front and a desperate bid for attention.


Oh, must I abandon my goal, when my height prevents me, and curses me with this eternal struggle?
tfw you're short and can't reach the shelf of a costume cupboard
He decided to say nothing after his name – not even a quick ‘hey, guess my tale!’. Sage didn’t want to ruin his characteristic ~mysterious air~ around non-theatre people.
Sage, typically after introducing himself.
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